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RE: [Ambassadors] Red Hat Virtual Experience report

Hello Everyone,

Greetings.  :)

> Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 00:04:58 -0500
> From: mspevack redhat com
> On Wed, 9 Dec 2009, Scott Dowdle wrote:
> > MY MAIN POINT IN SENDING THIS EMAIL IS... how many enjoyed it and
> > would like to use it for Fedora?
> >
> > My only regret though is that the event was outsourced to
> > virtualevents365.com (this was my first use of their service) and that
> > it, I assume, is a closed service/product... and based strongly on
> > Flash.. If there were unresolved concerns about using
> > virtualevents365.com for a Fedora virtual conference, maybe Fedora
> > could setup up a DimDim server (http://www.dimdim.com/) as an almost
> > suitable substitute that is much more open/free?!?

Dimdim Free
Now the world can meet freely with up to 20 people, absolutely free.


For proof of concept with 20 people, sounds feasible.  :)
Dimdim Pro
Save time & money while enjoying unlimited meetings and pro features with 50 people.

Only $19 per month.

My sidenote, that is per user per month...50 users equals $11,400 for one year, there is a graph on the left at this URL -

"...Dimdim Enterprise is used by the following fine organizations:

    * Novell
    * Dell
    * Red Hat
    * Amazon
    * Ohio State University
    * University of Pennsylvania
    * FreeConference
    * Duke..."

Possibly there is an existing Enterprise in place which may be tapped into?

Above data is from sidenote on lower left of this URL -

> The things that are actionabl! e here are:
> (1) Figure out if DimDim is in a state where we could successfully use
> it to try out a Fedora-like virtual event.
> (2) Depending on the answer, do one or more of the following:
> * Put together an event in DimDim, just because it would be interesting.
> Anyone care to volunteer to look into this?
> * Work on making DimDim better upstream.
> * Put together a virtual event on IRC. We already know that Fedora Classroom is a successful virtual education model. We did an online FUDCon a few years ago, and I think we've learned a lot since then that would make for a good event, especially if it was one day with a strong focus, etc.

Most excellent actionable things indeed.  :v)

Please have a great day and an enjoyable weekend!  :~)

Thank You
- David -
David Ramsey
Even monkeys fall from trees.
Even experts make mistakes.
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