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Re: [Ambassadors] Manual for new ambassadors

Em 11-12-2009 12:44, Leonardo Menezes Vaz escreveu:
>> Although principally not a bad idea to have a handbook, it is easier to
>> maintain/set up a guide on the wiki, than by writing an actual handbook. So,
>> I would suggest keeping it on the wiki itself.
> I agree with Tristan. The point of all this is having a single place
> to start, maybe having a small description and links where you can
> find further information and a Wiki is perfect place for this.
> So, where do we start? :)
> Leo

Great Idea Leo!

I think we have to do it urgently!

The mentoring program and direct interviews proposed by us at FAMSCO
last year improved the Ambassadors Program but the level of direct
contributions to Fedora (mainly in Latam) are very low.

Great part of ambassadors are talking about Fedora, distributing media
and are talking all days on IRC. That's good, but  we need to improve
the level of contributions to keep Fedora growing. We need more people
packaging, translating, creating documentation and many other things
that contribute directly to Fedora as GNU/Linux Distribution.

Guillermo Gomes from Venezuela, Juan M.(Mexico), Matias
Maceira(Argentina) and many guys from Brazil are creating a tech group
in Latam (RPMDEV) to create documentation and learn/teach about
Packaging. The idea is to create a strong packaging group in Latam. By
now we have ~10 packagers from Brazil and that number are very small
compared with the number of ambassadors in Latam.

I think we need to support and help this kind of initiatives around the
world to keep growing!

We can't stay only in IRC and mail-lists talking, we need to DO MORE!


Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira
Fedora Community Manager - Latin America
Red Hat Community and Academy Relations

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