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Re: [Ambassadors] Manual for new ambassadors

El 11/12/09 13:07, sankarshan escribió:

Guillermo Gomes from Venezuela, Juan M.(Mexico), Matias
Maceira(Argentina) and many guys from Brazil are creating a tech group
in Latam (RPMDEV) to create documentation and learn/teach about
Packaging. The idea is to create a strong packaging group in Latam. By
now we have ~10 packagers from Brazil and that number are very small
compared with the number of ambassadors in Latam.

The above is a nice start. Having such focus groups around other parts
of the Project like Websites, Infrastructure, Artwork would go a long
way in letting potential contributors feel that "yes ! I too can do
something". Creating videos from the sessions would help make things
easy too. However, the trick is to push the contributors upstream into
Fedora as a whole. It is always a good thing to start small and local
with mentors-at-hand, but once there is a level of confidence, going
on to the big stage helps things a lot.

Probably the main motive of this project is "to focus" on building non-marketing focused groups but devel/packaging oriented in latam region.

We will be announcing this year a complete project management tool with a devel cycle version named after Fedora 13 hoping we can recruit and prepare developers and packagers planning contributing upstream in sync with F13 release.

The whole idea of the project is to help latam enthusiasts to join Fedora developers and packagers global comunity (we are not looking to create an outsider repo or alike, rpmfusion will be a second option for packagers).

Documentation will be of course start with partial or total translations about rpm/packaging in our infrastructure. We will also try to help specific language programmers to meet and share experiences programming in fedora (mainly).



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