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Re: [Ambassadors] Manual for new ambassadors

Hi Leonardo, 
welcome to the group,

i have not read the entire thread i am on travel right now and can not read it 
all - sorry - but some thoughts

On Friday 11 December 2009 13:58:17 Leonardo Menezes Vaz wrote:
> I am kinda new here and yesterday I was asking Rodrigo Padula for some
> document/url explaining how the project works, specific areas, people
> involved, contacts etc so that I could have an idea how things works
> and where I could be useful. He told all areas are well documented at
> the wike, but he said he couldn't point a single location (or a toc)
> for all this information.

How the Ambassadors Group works is indeed easy to obtain from the wiki.

To learn how the Fedora Project works is something complete different! 

This is the reason why we do not encourage Candidates to start with the 
Ambassador Group. Mentors should point new Candidates to other Groups first, to 
learn the structures and the way to contribute. 
Btw. normaly every Ambassador should contribute at least to one other Group 
within the Fedora Project!

> Since I am new here and I want to understand how things work I propose
> we could organize a simple guide for new ambassadors - if it's not
> available yet. ;)

Mapping can maybe give a snapshot of the Fedora Project in it's current state.
Clint has started something related to this.

I do not think you can learn the Fedora Project from a Book or a Manual you 
have to work in the Project and put some effort and time in exploring and 

cu Joerg 

Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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