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[Ambassadors] Fedora 12 Release Party - Caracas

Hello Ambassadors!

Yesterday we had the Fedora 12 Release Party in Caracas. We had near 30 people attending to the hacklab that we made with a small design and RPM package workshop.

Also, several ambassadors came and help with the attendees. Also, Guillermo Gomex (gomix) made the official presentation of RPMDEV; which is a RPM packagers incubator. We give several Live CD with stickers and tattoos and after the release, we all have a great lunch.

I can say that we have several goals. First, we were expecting near 15 people, but we have almost 30 person. Also some ambassadors who had a time inactive came to join us again, and we plan to have every 2 month a fedora hacklab, to teach people to be productive using fedora and encourage them to join the team helping fedora, not only using it. Also, all pc's were running a live cd, because I couldn't get permission to install them.

I want to give a speciall thanks to Edwind Contreras (Richzendy) who gave an excelent RPM workshop, to Guillermo Gómez (gomix) who bring awesome ideas, to Wilmer Jaramillo (k0k) who is "coming to town" again and he can encourage new users to be developers like he is, to Ricardo Fernandez (KOSHrf) who cheer up us all at every moment.

We also have the active participation of a Loco team member (from ubuntu - Santiago Zarate) and Ricardo Hernandez, who is an awesome Arch user, and we all be able to share knowledge and make a brainstorm about other distros.

I want to thank all who gave me the support and encourage me to do this Release Party. My contribution was only sho the attendees how to join our community, how to ask for support, join and handle mail list and a *morning* overview of what Fedora 12 can offer them to their daily routine.

Here you can find some photos and some videos, thank you all for read this :)


Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285
GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"

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