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[Ambassadors] shipping for F12 media in EMEA

Hi all,

The company in Munich is ready to ship out the F12 media, and we need to give them a few addresses. We have 1,500 Desktop Spin Live CDs (32 bit) and 1500 DVDs (32 bit).

***IMPORTANT*** -- I only want to give them 3 or 4 addresses, and break the shipment up to those folks. Then for individual small events, Fedora contributors can re-send a few CDs to Ambassadors and save their receipts either for FAMSCo or for the Fedora EMEA non-profit to reimburse them.

I'm thinking of having CDs/DVDs sent to:

(1) Frederic Hornian -- who can bring them to FOSDEM

(2) Joerg Simon -- who can have some for Chemnitz, and also maybe re-send them to other folks.

(3) Italy -- who would want to be the person who hangs on to the media?

(4) ????? Is there anyone else who either already knows that they need a bunch of CDs, or who is willing to be a holder of CDs and send them to other folks in EMEA who do need them?

I filled that role some of the time last year when I was in Amsterdam, but now that I'm back in Raleigh, I can't mail CDs around Europe anymore :)

***REMEMBER*** -- don't write your address on a public mailing list that is archived forever. Let's just figure out how we're going to break up the shipments, and then collect addresses off-list.


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