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[Ambassadors] Problem Web Site Peru

Greetings fedorianos in PerĂ¹ fedora have more than 3 months with the
problem of the website, we have proposed solutions latam ambassadors
have written and without any viable solution, we have also talked with
the staff of Telefonica del Peru and the filter by them follows.

PerĂ¹ Fedora calls on all representatives of Fedora, support us to
intervene in the matter, with a new host and space to handle the
responsibility of Fedora in Peru.

What we want is we put our resources for Fedora host and domain and
thus continue to recruit more users in Peru and have support and
fluids with Fedora, a topic that we have lost all this time.

pending a viable response to the progress of Fedora I say goodbye

Fedora Ambassador for Peru
hacataka fedoraproject org

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