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[Ambassadors] mspevack's updates for NA and EMEA meetings

Hey Ambassadors,

I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend the NA ambassadors meeting tonight, so here's my general update on various TODOs that are/were mine.

* (WHOLE WORLD) I consolidated the various pages where we had swag vendors listed into one page:


* (EMEA) CDs will be shipped out shortly -- we're getting together the final list of addresses, and from there Ambassadors will be able to further distribute.

* (WHOLE WORLD) Due to requests to run another Ambassadors training classroom, I've scheduled one for January 7th.


* (WHOLE WORLD) Case badge order will be placed before Christmas vacation. We know that basically the whole world is interested. I'll dig through my records to get the name of the company, make sure it is on the Swag vendors page, and then call them. Hopefully they remember us and still have the design, so that they can just print a new batch without us having to do any submission of designs again.

* (NA) Media status pending making contact with the production company. Sent them mail, need to followup with a phone call. Goal is to have CDs in hands of folks before Christmas.

* (EMEA) Hoping to use tomorrow's EMEA ambassadors meeting to discuss FOSDEM in detail.


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