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[Ambassadors] TechEd Conference Opportunities - New York State

Hello all:

I added the following events to the Fedora Events wiki and wanted to
make the list aware of them as well.

March 25th, 2010
EdTech Day @ Ithaca College

I will be working with the show organizers in the next 30 days to
establish the details, but my hope is to have a booth next to the Ithaca
Free Software Foundation and give a few presentations. I am not sure if
the vertical banners will work for this show, but I will know in the
next 30-45 days after working with the organizer. Last year, thanks to
Karlie Robinson and on-disk.com, we gave out over 300 CDs in 2 hours. I
hope to get more media than that for this show.

The audience for this show is K-12 and College/University educators, and
college students. I do not have solid estimates on attendees, but I
would say between 500-750.


November 20 - 23
NYSCATE Annual Conference @ Rochester, NY

The RFP will not be for quite a while, but after giving a presentation
on FOSS this past year I began formulating a plan for 2010 based on
feedback from educators. I am hoping to hold a hands-on full day FOSS
lab to expose educators to several FOSS applications as well as Fedora.
In addition to the full day lab I will want to have a booth on the
vendor floor (Monday and Tuesday only) and give two or three
presentations as well. I will be looking to use the Vertical Banners for
this show.

The audience for this show is K-12 educators and there were over 1000
attendees this past year.

If anyone has suggestions or can offer support please contact me.


Charles Profitt

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