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[Ambassadors] Thank you

Hi fellow Ambassadors,

It’s time for me to let other people inject new and fresh ideas into FAmSCo!

I had the honor to serve as FAmSCo member for the past three years,
two of them as Chair. I worked with marvelous people, ready to give
the right advices at the right time. I had the opportunity to
coordinate the work done by Ambassadors all over the world, and manage
the transition from a centralized model to a regional one.
I have been seeing the project growing fast, from 60 Ambassadors, in
the early 2006, to 700, up to now. I have met great people, whoever
they were Ambassadors or community members.

We have faced many challenges and, all together, we have been able to
transform them in a success for the whole project.

I could spend hours talking about what was done in the past. Today,
however, I want to write about the future.

>From a personal side, I'll  be an Ambassador. I'll organize or join
events, working with the other EMEA Ambassadors to spread Fedora in
all the European, African and Middle East countries.

As former FAmSCo member, if the upcoming FAmSCo accept it, I will be
pleased to share my experience.

>From a project perspective, my advice to the new FAmSCo is: stay in
touch with Ambassadors, focus on simple but effective things and be a
point of reference for everyone. When it's needed, fly high. The past
experience has demonstrated that great ideas could become a success.
Even if we come from a region, keep in mind that being a FAmSCo member
means being the representative of all Ambassadors, from the nearest to
the furthest one.

To all Ambassadors: i can only suggest you to keep doing what you are
doing. Stay in touch with people, be as simple as smart when you join
or organize events. Remember: you represent Fedora and its community,
from packagers to translators. Be yourself and people will like you
and, consequently, Fedora.

This is my last act as FAmSCo chair. I wanted to be brief, but I hope
my words could give what I learned, and what it really matters to me.

Tomorrow, as an Ambassador, I promise I'll do my best to keep high the
name of Ambassadors.

Thanks Joerg, Susmit, Max, David, Thomas and Rodrigo for your great
work as FAmSCo members and, surely, for being loyal friends. Thanks to
all the former FAmSCo member who served with me in the past, and all
the Ambassadors who I have been in touch with, and have supported me.

Good luck to the new members, the newbie and the confirmed ones. I’m
sure you’ll do an excellent job.

Thank you.

Today I'm really proud to be a Fedora Ambassador!

Francesco Ugolini

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