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Re: [Ambassadors] Are ambassadors happy with range voting for FAmSCo?

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 9:13 PM, inode0 <inode0 gmail com> wrote:
> I'm not sure about the election history of FAmSCo, maybe someone who
> has been around a while can explain how it used to work, but I'm
> guessing range voting has been used in the past two FAmSCo elections.
> Are ambassadors happy with this method of electing the ambassador
> leadership?
> Aside from the voting method, are there other things related to the
> election or composition of FAmSCo that ambassadors think would improve
> either the process or the constitution of the steering committee?
> John


I am not used to range voting, but I have nothing against that method.

I do have some suggestion regarding the election process. I was
commented about during the election process but I dropped the issue
because I felt that I was disrupting the process. I did wanted "to
change rules at the middle of the game." Now that elections are over I
suggest to amend rules before next run.

I suggest that the candidate statements should be closed on the same
date of volunteering for the seat. If some one does not want to write
a statement is okey to leave it blank.

Other suggestion is to stablish an order for the list of candidates. I
don't care if it is ordered by time of volunteering or if it is
alphabetically. But I find a bit rude that some one added himself at
the top, when every body was adding themselves at the bottom. I know
that there was not rule for that.

Those are just suggestion on my part.

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