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Re: [Ambassadors] Are ambassadors happy with range voting for FAmSCo?

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 8:29 PM, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Dec 2009, inode0 wrote:
>> I'm not sure about the election history of FAmSCo, maybe someone who has
>> been around a while can explain how it used to work, but I'm guessing range
>> voting has been used in the past two FAmSCo elections. Are ambassadors happy
>> with this method of electing the ambassador leadership?
>> Aside from the voting method, are there other things related to the
>> election or composition of FAmSCo that ambassadors think would improve
>> either the process or the constitution of the steering committee?
> I have no strong opinion about the manner in which the election is
> conducted, and looking over the rules, which are now a few years old, is a
> fair thing to do.
> I'm a bit hesitant to ask FAMSCO itself to modify the rules by which it is
> elected.  I wonder, John, if you'd be interested in putting together a new
> proposal that could in some way (to be figured out) be discussed and then
> potentially adopted.

Well, I can understand that for major changes but I see no reason to
consider making any major changes at this time. I really just wanted
to know if ambassadors were generally satisfied and at this point I
think they are. I did not expect a lot of feedback, but working to
incrementally improve our election process I think is worthwhile.

>From earlier discussions with Francesco I think the FAmSCo election
rules as defined on the wiki just need some small adjustments to be in
harmony with the way all the Fedora elections are now organized in
terms of the timing of things. Perhaps we can address some of the more
cosmetic suggestions made in this thread as well. These are all very
minor things. I can write up a new proposed wiki page but I think
making these changes is something FAmSCo can approve or not for future
elections without any big fuss.


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