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Re: [Ambassadors] During some of my review of the Fedora 12 "Constantine, " Fedora 12 Talking Points. :)

On 12/24/2009 04:48 AM, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:28 PM, Mel Chua wrote:
>> Almost - there's a subtle but important difference I think we (Marketing)
>> may have been unclear about when making and talking about our talking
>> points, and for that I apologize.
> Hello Mel,
> You don't need to apologize as a "person" since this is the
> responsibility of almost anyone actively contributing (community and
> redhat).

Community includes Red Hat folks one would hope.

>> The F12 talking points are to briefly introduce the major work done by
>> Fedora contributors *for the F12 Desktop Spin release.* That means that
>> talking points for other Spins should go elsewhere - the question is where.
> If it is *for the F12 Desktop Spin release.* as you say : please
> _remove_ contents

I agree there is some confusion over what the intended audience for
talking points is but this request seems unnecessarily aggresive.

> ^^ This would be considered by uninformed press as an example where
> RedHat is advertising its products first before community's
> contributions. We(fedora) don't want bad publicity, don't we ? People
> in the past has worked hard to convince public that Fedora is not a
> beta of RHEL. I thank RahulSundaram for taking the initiative at that
> time.

Since much of the features mentioned in talking points are not included
in a Red Hat product and some of like NetBeans for example, are not
going to be, I don't see the connection whatsoever. The talking points
are derived from the feature list, plain and simple.


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