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[Ambassadors] Hello all

I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks but don't remember if I
introduced myself...

I am Justin O'Brien but most people know me as threethirty.  I'm a
recent Fedora convert, but I have been using GNU+Linux for almost a
decade now.  I don't know what all you want to know so ill try to keep
this brief.  

Im a:
Programming Student 
FSF member 
EFF member 
Fedora Ambassador in training [I'm one of Nally's people so blame him
fedora-legal lurker 

also I run a Free Software/Free Culture thinktank called
NumberedHumanIndustires or [NHI], its half LUG, half hackerspace, and
half way to get business discounts I don't really deserve. 

If you want to chat outside of this mailinglist try these:

Identi.ca./twitter/jaiku: threethirty
threethirty pygowave
threethirty6801 googlewave com
irc.freenode.net: threethirty I'm usually around but if not stick around
I'll hop back on.

Justin "threethirty" O'Brien
Community Advocate
@threethirty - twitter/identi.ca/jaiku
Phone: (765) 688-0723

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