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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Tue Feb 3 08:31:02 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 08:46:26PM +0100, Joerg Simon wrote:
> - Company & Inhouse Builds! - a company who build software as FOSS or modify 
> FOSS for their own Enterprise Servers can use the benefit of Fedora Processes 
> and Infrastructure as well as the wide spreading of our Distribution with 
> contributing to Fedora + EPEL - this is good for the company and for Fedora. 
> This could be enhanced by a technical Track, to show them how they can package 
> and spread their Software within own Fedora Spins ...

Last year we started a special interest group for independent software
vendors (ISVs) interested in getting software in to Fedora:


(Please pass that around to any open source software companies you
come in contact with.  It's a group of people who understand the
challenges that are unique to ISVs with open source-based products.)

What you are proposing sounds great, and in particular the 'Company
Builds' is something I would like to help with.  Perhaps we can
imagine a class.  It would cover ~4 hours and could be given by many
Fedora Ambassadors:

* Introduction to the Fedora Way -- why we do things the way we do,
  how it really matters

* Overview of Fedora Packaging -- Packaging guidelines to koji, the
  entire process explained from a packager's point of view.

* Fedora Packaging, inside the RPM -- How to build an RPM from the
  spec file view; cf. Spot's recurring talk where he essentially walks
  through an extremely verbosely commented spec file.

* Next steps -- Walk through on finding resources (SIGs, using the
  wiki, getting a FAS account, finding a sponsor, etc.)

> - Community Consulting! - show them the brilliance of our technology with 
> spacewalk, cobbler, func, puppet, FDS, KVM, FEL, our OLPC Success...  Talk 
> about the possibility that a Fedora Contributor teaches a company for a 
> donation to the Fedora Project technicaly to see what the future will bring 
> and to use that knowledge for their enterprise enviroments because this 
> Enterprise Servers are build from our roots (or whatever) ...  

I'd like to talk more about this.  One of the roles that our group
inside of Red Hat tries to do is similar to to this.  We of course
know that our small team does not scale very well :)  I am working on
codifying some of our means and methods, and a big portion of that
could be worked on in collaboration with other community members.

Due to the complexity of the idea, such as a contributor teaching a
company about Fedora and community in return for recompense to the
Fedora Project, it has some challengs in figuring out the details.
Let's start!

> - Build a FOSS Career! - show the government why they should support using and 
> teaching of FOSS in educational institutions
> Show them success stories we have learned from Kushal or Chitlesh or Rodrigo 
> or Paul - show the bussines why they should hire FOSS Contributors (peer 
> certification,  ...) - show the bussines why they should sponsor local FOSS 
> Communities ... - show them how to become a FOSS Contributor inside Fedora.
> Imagine a government which decides that kids in school get teached leading 
> edge software without licencing cost and with the possibility to enhance and 
> change that. Imagine a Fedora Artwork Contest in all Schools of your Country

+1 for another good idea. :)

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
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