[Ambassadors] [Discussion] Reporting template for ambassadors.

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 07:08:35 UTC 2009

> hi,
> How would the activity be "judged" ? Is it based on events conducted/
> helped in or also what work you do at the project? I mean Packaging
> etc?

No, we are taking about the jobs ambassadors are supposed to do.

> eg: Some packages hardly require any changes so the packager is going to
> be dormant in that while. Will that come under pseudo activity?

I guess an ambassador may be a packager, but that is not the job *as*
an ambassador.
If you are an ambassador, your role is clearly defined here

Someone may be very good in packaging, coding or any other job, but
that does not make someone a good ambassador as well.

The above link will be a good example which are the areas ambassadors
should focus.
But an ambassador must not be limited to that only.

> I'm just saying that a set of guidelines needs to be put up if this is
> to be implemented.
> regards,
> Ankur
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