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susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 02:56:16 UTC 2009

> We had such discussion twice or more since Ambassadors come to life.
> If you take a look at the past years M-L archive you will find that,
> at the end of the discussion, the conclusions were that nobody should
> be removed even if inactive: we SHOULD concentrate on active members.

This is not about active/inactive thing. This is about *dead*
ambassadors.  They are different.

I agree nobody should be removed if inactive, they need mentoring.
I don't agree that nobody should be removed even if he left the project.

> I can assure you that actually is possible to understand who is active
> or not: take a look at event reports, M-L activity, IRC presence and,
> eveteamsn if we didn't see them, to the thousands of micro events around
> the earth (LUG meetings etc). All those facts should encourage us not
> to think at the inactive side, but working improving active
> ambassadors experience.

I am, in fact many of us are not at all interested in knowing who are inactive.
We want the ambassadors who are not anymore with fedora to be removed,
just because of the simple fact is these are coming into our way with
their dead wiki pages.

Almost all the other teams do their house cleaning. Doc team does,
packaging team does. So what's the problem with us?
inode0 said a nice thing on IRC that if we don't do house keeping, we
will end up with 20000 pages of ambassadors and 90% of them

Also I have problem with dead ambassadors personally.

When people cone us to me and say "Fedora ambassadors are non
responsive...in spite of having 120 Ambassadors for India, nobody
helped us", I feel bad.

This was not because we are inactive, this person went to the wiki
page of some local ambassador who are dead. So he didn't got any reply
from any of them in spite of repeated emails.

If we choose too ignore the issue, these allegations will increase
rapidly in near future.
I am not, rather we are not ok with that.



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