[Ambassadors] I'll be at scale, just running a little late.

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 15:18:55 UTC 2009

Hi, Joseph --

Not to worry -- come when you can.

Also, we're going to have people able to contribute to Fedora Activity Day
remotely -- so by all means if you're not in the Los Angeles area, stop by.

Details to follow.

[Meanwhile, in a fit of shameless self-promotion, I'll be blogging about
SCaLE throughout the weekend on both Larry the Fedora Guy, featured on
Fedora Planet, and Larry the Free Software Guy, which isn't. URLs
http://larrythefedoraguy.wordpress.com and
http://larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress.com ]

Larry Cafiero

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 11:52 PM, Joseph Smidt <josephsmidt at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sorry to distract people who don't need to hear this, but I will be
> running a little late to scale and will be there around lunch.  I am
> excited to do some packaging. :)
>                       Joseph Smidt
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