[Ambassadors] I Love LUCI -- Linux UC Irvine in April 2009

Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez hagr182 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 01:32:21 UTC 2009

I would participate, tough im currently semi broke and living in mexico, so
I couldnt attend, But please invite me to any other event in the near
future, if my economics allow it ill go

2009/1/31 Larry Cafiero <larry.cafiero at gmail.com>

> Hi, all --
> Of particular interest to North American folks: Over the past couple of
> weeks Joseph Smidt and I have discussed an event to be held at the
> University of California Irvine in the spring. Originally, I was going to
> give a mere presentation at UCI, but after lengthy discussions, it has grown
> into something larger.
> What Joseph has come up with is Linux UC Irvine -- LUCI -- an event which
> will take place in April of this year.
> LUCI serves as an introduction of Linux to the students and faculty of the
> university, as well as serving as a basis for starting a Linux Users Group
> on campus and, as a long-range goal, holding twice-a-year Linux festivals
> every year on campus.
> While the format for this inaugural event needs to be hashed out -- I'm
> imagining a presentation along with demonstrations of Fedora would be a main
> ingredient of the event -- and other logistical facets need to be addressed,
> I wanted to make everyone aware of this event and ask anyone in the Southern
> California area (as well as anyone else who might be interested) who wants
> to participate to contact either Joseph or me.
> The wiki for this event is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LUCI
> Thanks, Joseph, for carrying the ball on this project and I'm hoping others
> will join up.
> This project, of course, is in the planning stages, and Joseph and I can
> answer any questions (and, Joseph, if I missed anything, feel free to jump
> in here).
> Larry Cafiero
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