[Ambassadors] Upcoming deadlines

David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Tue Feb 3 02:06:16 UTC 2009

Thanks to Matt Domsch's excellent post I thought I'd bring up some
important dates for some of the conferences that are quickly
See Matt's post for more detail: http://domsch.com/blog/?p=30

# Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, April 8-10 in San Francisco,
CA.  Proposals due Feb 15.
# Linux Symposium, July 13-17  in Montreal, Canada.  Call for Papers due Feb 28.
# OSCON, July 20-24 in San Jose, California.  Call for Participation due Feb 3.
# OpenSourceWorld (formerly LinuxWorldExpo), August 10-13 in San
Francisco, CA.  Call for Papers due Feb 20.

This month there are four conferences whose CFP ends. The closest one
ends tomorrow.
PLEASE, if you are interested in presenting a topic, please propose it
to these groups. Even if you are worried about the financial ability
to go, please propose something and we'll help you. I'd far rather
spend a little money and have an Ambassador presenting and showing off
some of the good things going on in Fedora than have us either not
show up or just show up with a booth.
Your material doesn't even have to be original - I just saw a
presentation on Fedora Planet from Michael DeHaan that I plan on using
in two weeks. There are scores of such presentations out there.
Precious few of us are what you would call eloquent speakers, but for
the most part Fedora excites us, so please share the excitement with
others and pitch a talk.

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