[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meetings Revisited

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 22:37:50 UTC 2009

2009/2/4 Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez <hagr182 at gmail.com>:
> Tuesdays are ok for me as I dont either work or go to school on wednesdays,
> tough thursdays also seem like a good idea.
> On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 12:35 PM, inode0 <inode0 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 1:00 AM, inode0 <inode0 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > In Q1 we are willing to try meeting at least once a month at a
>> > different time and/or day. As best as I can tell there have been two
>> > people in this thread who can't come to our meetings now and who have
>> > expressed an interest in doing so. We ask them to propose a specific
>> > time/day they would like the meeting at and if most of the regular
>> > group can make that work we'll try it during Q1 and see how it goes.
>> > We would ask this to be done reasonably soon as we are trying to
>> > schedule additional guests to speak with us during meetings from
>> > various groups within the project in the future.
>> The group is planning to make a decision on when to meet in Q1 at the
>> February 17th meeting. If you are interested in seeing it at a
>> different time please suggest a time before that meeting to have it
>> considered. In the absence of specific suggestions at that point the
>> sentiment seems to be to leave well enough alone but we are open to
>> making a move beginning in March. So please touch base with us if you
>> would like us to meet at a new time.

My preference is that we do it Thursdays at the same time.  I'm going
to be unable to attend meetings (but a few minutes) on Tuesdays for
the foreseeable future.



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