[Ambassadors] Max's FOSDEM schedule for Saturday

Paul Frields stickster at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 23:03:49 UTC 2009

Hello Ambassadors -- Max is having an email problem at the hotel and
asked me to pass this along to you. I hope everyone is having a great
FOSDEM so far!


= = = = =

FYI for the FOSDEM attendees:

Greg and I should arrive at the event between 8:30 and 9:00, depending
on whether or not we get delayed by anything in the morning.  We will be
bringing with us a bunch of shirts, stickers, Live CDs, and flyers that
have the Fedora speaking schedule for both days on them.

Once the booth is set up, and everything is in order, I will probably
find a quiet place where I can take 60-90 minutes in order to run
through my talk once or twice, which is at 3:00 PM.  So if anyone is
looking for me mid-morning and it seems like I have disappeared, please
understand that is why.

In the afternoon, I will sit in on Joe Brockmeier's talk about openSUSE
at 2:00 PM, which is right before my talk.

It was great to see a bunch of you tonight -- if I didn't see you, I
apologize.  See you all tomorrow!


P.S.  I will have several hours of booth time on Sunday.  Given the
number of Ambassadors we have attending, I'm not too worried about the
booth being empty.  :)

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