[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2009-02-17

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 04:52:47 UTC 2009

(08:00:02 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting - Roll Call
(08:00:17 PM) ***lcafiero is Larry Cafiero, packed and ready to go to SCaLE
(08:00:31 PM) ***laubersm is Susan Lauber
(08:00:49 PM) DemonJester: .fas DemonJester
(08:00:50 PM) zodbot: DemonJester: bpowell01 'Brian Powell'
<bpowell01 at gmail.com>
(08:00:58 PM) djf_jeff: .fas jfsaucier
(08:00:58 PM) zodbot: djf_jeff: jfsaucier 'Jean-Francois Saucier'
<jfsaucier at infoglobe.ca>
(08:01:50 PM) inode0: welcome laubersm
(08:02:15 PM) inode0: KarlieRobinson: are you here for the FAmNA meeting?
(08:02:24 PM) KarlieRobinson: Yep, just getting here
(08:02:30 PM) inode0: excellent
(08:03:15 PM) inode0: We have two main objectives tonight - Meeting
Schedule & Budget
(08:03:34 PM) inode0: Are there any announcements before we hit those
(08:03:49 PM) lcafiero: SCaLE is this weekend in Los Angeles
(08:04:13 PM) inode0: quick question about that
(08:04:18 PM) lcafiero: okay
(08:04:35 PM) inode0: there was talk of remote participation, is
anything set in that dept?
(08:05:32 PM) lcafiero: There was talk, but I don't know where it
stands. quaid may know more, but I know for the Fedora Ambassador Day,
we were going to try to set up something where folks could participate
(08:06:13 PM) inode0: let's be sure to get something out to the list
if that develops, I'd love to if it is possible
(08:06:26 PM) lcafiero: FAD = Friday, all day, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.
(08:06:26 PM) lcafiero: Fedora Activity Day, sorry.
(08:06:26 PM) lcafiero: I'll have to put that info on the mailing list, right.
(08:07:04 PM) inode0: I think that would be good so people can drop in
if they can
(08:07:23 PM) djf_jeff: pst is gmt -8 iirc?
(08:07:34 PM) inode0: yes I think
(08:07:37 PM) lcafiero: right -- quaid was working on getting some of
the hardware needed, but I don't know where we stand on that.
(08:07:47 PM) lcafiero: djf_jeff, oui
(08:08:09 PM) inode0: shall we move to scheduling?
(08:08:21 PM) lcafiero: yes (and I'll be right back)
(08:08:32 PM) inode0:
(08:09:01 PM) inode0: has some options that have been discussed,
although the Tue/Thu one we might suggest switching the days around on
(08:09:46 PM) inode0: I guess what I want to do is consider each, then
go through and take a straw poll
(08:09:51 PM) KarlieRobinson: all I can tell you is that 9EDT is a
killer for a certified morning person
(08:10:19 PM) inode0: yeah, I understand
(08:10:37 PM) inode0: but in the evening going any earlier is a killer
for west coast folks
(08:10:58 PM) KarlieRobinson: I know
(08:11:10 PM) KarlieRobinson: the good thing is you don't have to
schedule around me
(08:11:31 PM) inode0: I suggested a weekend around mid-day but that
didn't seem to excite people
(08:11:53 PM) KarlieRobinson: Yeah, that could be worse
(08:12:16 PM) KarlieRobinson: I'm not a big fan of Thursday because
all the Linux groups in Rochester meet on Thursday
(08:12:21 PM) inode0: my hope was to make it possible for people not
in NA to attend from time to time, there has been expressed interest
(08:12:55 PM) KarlieRobinson: Is it possible to alternate the time
(08:12:58 PM) KarlieRobinson: ?
(08:13:09 PM) inode0: let's start by stating whether either Tue or Thu
just makes it impossible  for you
(08:13:33 PM) inode0: yes, I was thinking once about one Tue evening
which works well for most and one other day around mid-day
(08:13:58 PM) inode0: I'm open to meeting at different times and days
(08:14:08 PM) laubersm: Tue is better for me than Thu.
(08:14:29 PM) laubersm: Late night 2x/month is doable
(08:14:40 PM) inode0: herlo isn't present tonight but for the next few
months Tue is impossible for him
(08:15:00 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: is Thu still impossible for you?
(08:15:19 PM) djf_jeff: everything "normal" for GMT -5 is good for me except Thu
(08:15:36 PM) djf_jeff: but I understand the need to make meeting
available to more people
(08:15:59 PM) inode0: and we have one ambassador who wants to come who
has never been able to on Tue but Thu would work for
(08:16:20 PM) inode0: so neither day is perfect for everyone, changing
days can be confusing
(08:16:33 PM) laubersm: are we still talking 1st and 3rd weeks?
(08:16:38 PM) djf_jeff: Thu would work for me if it's before 19:00 GMT -5
(08:16:41 PM) inode0: I'm willing to accept confusing if we get more
people involved
(08:16:57 PM) KarlieRobinson: the Marketing meeting use to alternate
between 10am gmt-5 and an afternoon every other week
(08:16:58 PM) inode0: laubersm: I'd like to stay with twice a month
(08:17:23 PM) inode0: others have expressed to me an interest in going
back to weekly
(08:17:50 PM) inode0: weekly makes alternating days more difficult and
promotes burnout imo
(08:18:05 PM) laubersm: LUG here is 2nd thursday (and I almost always
have other things that week) but others are not as busy
(08:18:41 PM) ***DemonJester likes the bi-weekly unless event require otherwise
(08:18:44 PM) inode0: does anything think it would be really bad if
some people only could meet once a month?
(08:19:10 PM) inode0: we would meet twice but with slightly different
casts of characters
(08:19:17 PM) KarlieRobinson: That would be more in-line with other
clubs/orgs we're all involved with
(08:19:17 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: do you think herlo would like to keep
the current time on Thu or make it a little sooner?
(08:19:41 PM) inode0: I don't think anyone wants to move the time if
it is in the evening
(08:19:44 PM) laubersm: inode: works for me
(08:19:52 PM) DemonJester: are they currently participating in
meetings now? if not then no, if so then maybe
(08:19:55 PM) inode0: going earlier makes the west coast people not
home from work
(08:20:31 PM) inode0: four time zones to deal with makes the evening tough
(08:21:04 PM) inode0: ok, I'll give you my current preference
(08:21:08 PM) djf_jeff: I don't really mind testing Tue and Thu for a
few weeks, but if nobody show up on Thu, I would like it to come back
to Tue
(08:21:29 PM) inode0: 1st Thu and 3rd Tue plus we can always call
additional meetings as needed
(08:22:18 PM) inode0: that opens the door for both herlo and
LinuxKnight to attend once a month
(08:23:04 PM) inode0: seems most here are happy with twice a month as
the routine arrangement
(08:23:19 PM) DemonJester: LinuxKnight = West Coast?
(08:23:23 PM) inode0: let's do some voting
(08:23:25 PM) inode0: yes, he is
(08:23:44 PM) inode0: but all of Tue is impossible for him
(08:24:00 PM) DemonJester: Yeah I remember..
(08:24:19 PM) inode0: does anyone even want to vote on weekly options?
(08:24:27 PM) ***inode0 watches for +1 -1
(08:24:33 PM) DemonJester: -1
(08:24:35 PM) laubersm: -1 weekly
(08:24:37 PM) djf_jeff: -1
(08:24:45 PM) inode0: -1
(08:24:51 PM) KarlieRobinson: -1
(08:25:10 PM) inode0: ok, let's look at the others
(08:25:39 PM) inode0: alternating Thu and Tue twice a month?
(08:25:46 PM) KarlieRobinson: +1
(08:25:47 PM) DemonJester: +1
(08:25:58 PM) djf_jeff: +1
(08:26:04 PM) inode0: +1
(08:26:09 PM) laubersm: +1
(08:26:30 PM) inode0: Tue twice a month?
(08:26:41 PM) DemonJester: +1 as well
(08:27:09 PM) djf_jeff: +1 as well
(08:27:14 PM) laubersm: +1 as well
(08:27:15 PM) KarlieRobinson: I'm good for anything other than weekly so +1
(08:27:36 PM) inode0: -1 to promote including some who haven't been
able to participate
(08:28:28 PM) inode0: shall we agree to give this Q1 to run and see if it works
(08:28:41 PM) djf_jeff: +1
(08:28:41 PM) ***DemonJester assumed herlo and ke4qqq had a vote as well
(08:29:02 PM) inode0: I'll send out reminders leading up to meetings
since there will be some confusion
(08:29:15 PM) ***DemonJester thanks inode0 :)
(08:29:17 PM) inode0: It is an open meeting, they are free to vote :)
(08:29:39 PM) inode0: actually, herlo wants the Thu/Tue option but
prefers weekly
(08:29:41 PM) laubersm: +1 but email reminders more than 24 hours in
advance will be helpful with alt days....
(08:30:12 PM) inode0: laubersm: yes, I'll try for 2 or 3 days in
advance and another maybe on the day of the meeting
(08:30:31 PM) ***laubersm got a few lines behind  :)
(08:30:47 PM) inode0: ke4qqq did not tell me his position so I can't
proxy for him
(08:30:55 PM) djf_jeff: so just to be sure, 1st Thu and 3rd Tue for Q1?
(08:31:15 PM) inode0: correct, both days at the current time (sorry it
isn't perfect)
(08:31:25 PM) KarlieRobinson: +1
(08:32:01 PM) inode0: and if someone feels we need to squeeze in
another meeting we can always do that
(08:32:31 PM) djf_jeff: yeah, and there is always the ambassadors channel
(08:32:38 PM) inode0: any other discussion about this? I'm happy with
the level of agreement
(08:33:15 PM) inode0:
(08:33:26 PM) inode0: Budget, Q4 is basically over today
(08:33:38 PM) inode0: At least we can't spend any more Q4 funds
(08:34:18 PM) inode0: although I believe in addition to the 2500
buttons I ordered this morning we are getting around 3000 case badges
produced from Q4
(08:34:51 PM) inode0: some items, notably SCaLE/FAD are slipping into Q1
(08:35:32 PM) inode0: we did purchase a second Event Box in Q4 but
need to provision it with banners and such before it goes into service
(08:36:28 PM) inode0: Q1 is expected to be funded a bit less than Q4
was, we expect 7000 - 8000 to be allocated to us but that isn't final
(08:37:01 PM) inode0: Q4 had major media expenses that Q1 won't have,
Q1 will have lots more events to fund
(08:37:38 PM) inode0: all ambassadors are encouraged to consider our
budget and make suggestions/changes to the budget page on the wiki
(08:38:05 PM) inode0: if you identify a need that we should be funding
that we aren't you need to tell us!
(08:38:07 PM) ***kuei hi how are you
(08:38:26 PM) inode0: kuei: are you here for the FAmNA meeting?
(08:38:50 PM) ***kuei what is the FAMNA meeting?
(08:39:29 PM) inode0: this channel is for meetings, the meeting of
Fedora Ambassadors from North America is the current meeting
(08:39:30 PM) ***kuei I guess I am not, I am just test the channel for
my thursday meeing?
(08:39:51 PM) inode0: ok, back to the meeting :)
(08:39:57 PM) inode0: nice to meet you kuei
(08:40:34 PM) kuei: Thank you, I wish you a good evening!
(08:40:43 PM) inode0: other thoughts from anyone regarding the budget?
how Q4 went? anything we need for Q1?
(08:41:09 PM) KarlieRobinson: I got nothing
(08:41:12 PM) ***kuei quit
(08:41:20 PM) inode0: The Q1 stuff is just a first thought from herlo,
it will be changed quite a bit in the coming days
(08:41:40 PM) KarlieRobinson: I am working on a few events in NYS for
the spring, but most will be spur of the moment, Fedora/OLPC SIG type
(08:41:43 PM) inode0: and we'll find out what our budget is soon as well
(08:41:51 PM) DemonJester: KarlieRobinson: are you just speaking at
the RochBarCamp?
(08:42:00 PM) inode0: KarlieRobinson: have you requested an ambassador kit?
(08:42:08 PM) KarlieRobinson: Yes, and there's an EdTechDay at Ithaca College
(08:42:13 PM) inode0: we have those ready to deliver
(08:42:19 PM) KarlieRobinson: No I haven't I was just going to pop over
(08:42:32 PM) KarlieRobinson: I can make my own discs and such
(08:43:12 PM) inode0: so everyone knows they can request ambassador
kits from FAmNA - sort of a small kit of swag to have handy for short
notice events
(08:43:38 PM) inode0: we also have plenty of pressed F10 media
(08:44:00 PM) DemonJester: KarlieRobinson: would a booth be beneficial
at RochBarCamp?
(08:44:03 PM) inode0: so don't be bashful about asking for some to use
at any events large or small
(08:44:27 PM) KarlieRobinson: DemonJester: The last time I went it was
in and out of class rooms, so a booth wouldn't work well
(08:44:50 PM) KarlieRobinson: I may ask for some stickers and such,
but I'll probably make Sugar Spins to take to complement the OLPC SIG
(08:44:56 PM) DemonJester: KarlieRobinson: thats what I was looking
for. I am thinking of attended regardless
(08:45:08 PM) inode0: barcamps should be added to the event page if
you know about them in advance, we might be able to give some funding
to those
(08:45:28 PM) KarlieRobinson: There are about 50 people so far but
like all barcamps could change day of
(08:45:53 PM) KarlieRobinson: this event has been added
(08:46:10 PM) KarlieRobinson: EdTech at Ithaca College is still
unknown so I haven't added it
(08:46:14 PM) inode0: if we are done with the budget recap, let's just
go to open floor and discuss events or other topics that you have on
your mind now ...
(08:46:51 PM) inode0: I don't want to cut off this conversation though
(08:47:21 PM) inode0: I have one small thing to raise
(08:47:28 PM) KarlieRobinson: NP - I do have to call about edtech
again tomorrow but you can check their site at
http://www.ithaca.edu/edtechday/ in case you're curious about it
(08:47:47 PM) inode0: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Summit_2009
(08:48:22 PM) inode0: I am intent on changing the first thing on that
page - we should definitely have a booth at the Summit
(08:49:00 PM) inode0: I will be contacting people right after this
meeting about arranging that
(08:49:00 PM) djf_jeff: yeah, that's what I was thinking
(08:49:09 PM) DemonJester: no booth?? they are kidding right?
(08:49:50 PM) inode0: well, I'll follow-up, but I plan to make sure
there is a booth
(08:50:24 PM) DemonJester: I will help out with it.
(08:50:26 PM) inode0: get it confirmed and change that page to
advertise our presence
(08:50:50 PM) inode0: ok, great, I'm sure others will help out too
(08:51:33 PM) inode0: Even though it won't be a FUDcon this year, we
can do a FAD if there is interest and FAmNA can allocate resources as
it wants to the event
(08:51:54 PM) DemonJester: +1
(08:52:05 PM) inode0: RHEL customers have an obvious self-interest in
Fedora, very natural place for us to have a strong presence
(08:52:29 PM) DemonJester: agreed
(08:52:48 PM) inode0: that is all I had on that
(08:52:50 PM) herlo has changed the topic to: Fedora Ambassadors North
America (FAmNA) Meeting
(08:52:53 PM) ***herlo is not here
(08:53:08 PM) inode0: we noticed you are not here
(08:53:17 PM) herlo: shhhh
(08:53:42 PM) inode0: any MLS news djf_jeff?
(08:54:07 PM) djf_jeff: not for the moment, I think in the background
what I would like to do there
(08:54:19 PM) djf_jeff: do you have any news if there will be a bus from Boston?
(08:54:44 PM) inode0: no, someone will need to touch base with the
contact mdomsch has
(08:55:00 PM) inode0: and that someone is named djf_jeff :)
(08:55:08 PM) mdomsch: inode0, good evening
(08:55:16 PM) inode0: mdomsch: hey
(08:55:32 PM) mdomsch: djf_jeff, contact for Linux Symposium Montreal
is Andrew J. Hutton <ajh at linuxsymposium.org>
(08:55:38 PM) inode0: we have an ambassador to handle something for
the linux symposium now
(08:55:40 PM) mdomsch: and he's looking forward to hearing from you soon
(08:55:43 PM) djf_jeff: inode0: good! I will check with him
(08:55:48 PM) djf_jeff: mdomsch: hi!
(08:56:38 PM) djf_jeff: good I will take care of that before the end of the week
(08:56:46 PM) djf_jeff: I will keep you informed
(08:56:47 PM) mdomsch: djf_jeff, thank you much
(08:57:01 PM) inode0: so I'd suggest finding out what is available to
us, how many folks are expected, whether we want a booth, etc.
(08:57:06 PM) mdomsch: ajh is trying to finish up space planning for
the conference center
(08:57:13 PM) mdomsch: no booth
(08:57:27 PM) mdomsch: (there's no expo or booth space)
(08:57:27 PM) inode0: nix the booth
(08:58:05 PM) inode0: but we can basically have a room?
(08:59:23 PM) inode0: well, find out what you can about logistics and
we'll help however we can with resources
(08:59:42 PM) djf_jeff: if we setup a bus from Boston, how many people
do you expect to come?
(09:00:13 PM) inode0: I don't think we can do that, but they suggested
they might be doing it
(09:00:43 PM) inode0: I really don't have any idea about how many
people might come at this time
(09:01:13 PM) KarlieRobinson: yawn... Bed time for me guys
kanarip KarlieRobinson
(09:01:22 PM) inode0: night KarlieRobinson, thanks for coming
(09:01:24 PM) djf_jeff: ok good, I will get in touch with him and see
what come from there
(09:01:31 PM) DemonJester: good night KarlieRobinson
(09:01:33 PM) djf_jeff: good night KarlieRobinson
(09:01:36 PM) KarlieRobinson: good nigh everyone
(09:01:46 PM) KarlieRobinson: :-*
(09:02:34 PM) inode0: anything else?
(09:02:44 PM) ***DemonJester has nothing
(09:03:06 PM) ***laubersm is falling asleep
(09:03:08 PM) djf_jeff: not from my part
(09:03:23 PM) inode0: ok, let's wrap until the 1st Thursday in March
(09:03:26 PM) inode0: 5
(09:03:28 PM) inode0: 4
(09:03:29 PM) yn1v: I have a question, but is not jus FamNa
(09:03:41 PM) inode0: is it for FAmNA at all?
(09:03:54 PM) yn1v: I wonder about the freemedia
(09:04:03 PM) yn1v: it is not open for frebruary
(09:04:05 PM) inode0: ok, we will pause for this
(09:04:24 PM) inode0: it normally is only open at the very beginning
of the month
(09:04:57 PM) yn1v: yeap, and haven't opened
(09:05:03 PM) inode0: we can't process requests continuously, so it
opens at the beginning, we get overwhelmed with requests, and close it
while we get those out
(09:05:14 PM) yn1v: I am member of the freemedia and was expecting to
send some DVD
(09:06:03 PM) inode0: checking
(09:06:31 PM) inode0: you are right, I'm not sure what happened
(09:07:11 PM) yn1v: there was a work for automating freemedia, but the
form never open on february
(09:07:27 PM) inode0: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ScottHarvanek not
runs the program, so perhaps we should ping him?
(09:07:59 PM) inode0: now runs
(09:08:01 PM) jds2001: maybe just a newbie oversight
(09:08:13 PM) jds2001: god  knows i've  had a ton of those with FESCo :)
(09:08:18 PM) inode0: well, they are working on the new TRAC system
(09:08:46 PM) yn1v: I did some testing for the TRAC
(09:09:29 PM) inode0: but while we are interesting and many of us are
freemedia contributors too, let me close this meeting and we can
(09:09:39 PM) inode0: 5
(09:09:40 PM) inode0: 4
(09:09:42 PM) inode0: 3
(09:09:43 PM) inode0: 2
(09:09:46 PM) inode0: 1
(09:09:53 PM) inode0: Thank you everyone for coming tonight
(09:09:55 PM) inode0: EOF

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