[Ambassadors] inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution

Wael Ammar thecyberxp at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:29:33 UTC 2009


> (2) Give a more prominent location to the "list of ambassadors per
> country".  That page should be the most visited page in all of Fedora
> Ambassadors.  People who are trying to find out about Fedora should be
> visiting it, and Ambassadors who are looking for other Fedora folks near
> them should be visiting it.
> We should have something on fedoraproject.org that says "are you
> interested in Fedora?  Find a Fedora Ambassador near you to give you some
> information" and you type in your location, and it spits back a list of
> Ambassadors near you.

+1 I'm totally agree with that... it will be useful

> (3) In order for any of (2) to be successful, we need to make sure that the
> people who are listed as Ambassadors are actually paying attention to the
> Ambassadors part of Fedora.  If someone is not, it doesn't mean that they
> are a bad person -- it just means that they don't want to have to deal with
> organizing events or asking questions from newbies to the project.
> I wouldn't be offended if someone removed me from the Fedora Infrastructure
> doesn't mean I'm a bad person or not a Fedora contributor, it just means
> that I don't participate in that part of Fedora.


> We come up with a policy that is simple, and fair.
> An active ambassador is someone who:
> 1) Has joined the group in FAS.
> 2) Reads and/or posts on fedora-ambassadors-list.
> 3) Has a useful, up-to-date personal page on the Fedora wiki.

Done for me :)

> And does one or more of:
> * Attends or organizes an event once in a release cycle.

We (Tunisian Ambassador) organize more than 3 or 4 event per year (2 Release
Party and 2 other, juste to promote)

> * Maintains a blog on Planet Fedora, with about one post per month.

Done, but at Fedora Fr Planet ;)

> * Participates on fedora-list or fedoraforum.org to help people w/
> questions.

We do our better to be present at all the ML and forum, specially at the
Fedora Fr community

> * Indicates their willingness to mentor and guide new contributors or new
> users.

Clear :)


Wael Ammar (TheCyberXP)
Tunisian Fedora Ambassador
Secrétaire Général Club FreeWays
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