RES: [Ambassadors] inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution

Sven von Brand svbrand at
Thu Feb 19 20:40:03 UTC 2009

Rodrigo Menezes wrote:
> Neville,
> In a country with few members, a near country could monitor their actions
> provide guidelines for they. As a worldwide program, the core doesn't know
> how local users in each country works, but near country does, or should do.

We have a situation like that here in Chile, but we are participating in 
many events, and
this year we're part of the organization of the biggest Linux related 
event in Chile,
Encuentro Linux, in this event there will be more than 5 Universities 
participating and
also many communities, including the Debian's and Ubuntu's.

In 2008 event we represented Fedora, by giving a speech about Fedora, we 
made T-Shirts
and gave DVD's to the public. We haven't participated here much, in part 
because of the
work we're doing for the upcoming event.

So I also think each country should try to make a self cleaning, as some 
Ambassadors don't
speek English well enough to actively participate in this list and other 
projects, but are a great
contribution to their own country.

> "Or when the group members have better communication to fedora at large that
> among themselves?"
> Why not create this communication for all group members? Off course USA will
> talk directly with Fedora Core, but other groups should create this mature
> local group to be stronger and accomplish bigger goals.
> Cheers,
> Rodrigo Menezes
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> 2009/2/19 Shambo Bose <shambo.linux at>:
>> +1 to local groups to control local Ambassador membership.
>> Shambo Bose
> That may work for mature groups. What happen with those countries that
> only have one ambassador. Or when the group members have better
> communication to fedora at large that among thenselves?
> But sure, if the is the local group can handle it, better leave at local
> level.
Sven von Brand
Fedora Ambassador for Chile

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