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Fri Feb 20 07:12:21 UTC 2009

i agree with Shambo Bose


2009/2/20 Shambo Bose <shambo.linux at>

> On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 11:14 AM, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay <
> foss.mailinglists at> wrote:
>> 2009/2/20 Kevin Higgins <crossbytes at>:
>> > Every Computer System that we put out into the Schools has Fedora
>> Installed
>> > and I have  to do a presentation at every School several times over..
>> but I
>> > would not consider these "Events" based on the above requirements I
>> > would be considered a non-active Ambassador..and I do think that I am
>> very
>> > active and contributing a lot to the Open Source Community and in
>> Particular
>> > Fedora..
>> Let's ask a simple question - do schools and folks in your region who
>> want to know/learn_about/install Fedora *know* that you are the Fedora
>> Ambassador ? And, if they want to get some activity going around
>> Fedora they can contact you and get
>> support/help/guidance/participation ?
>> >From what I read in your response, the answer is a 'Yes'. And, for me
>> that is an Ambassador.
>> Now, let's take the other point-of-view. A person who is a Fedora
>> Ambassador has the name listed on the web-page. Someone in the region
>> wants this Ambassador to help out in some Fedora/FOSS related event
>> and yet receives no response. This could be because of a number of
>> reasons, but the bottom-line remains the same. The potential
>> participant in the Fedora Project goes back disappointed.
>> As the project grows and, we have more Ambassadors, such cases have a
>> tendency to increase. A mail asking the Ambassadors about what they
>> have been doing or, what help they need is a way of figuring how
>> active they are. Just as on IRC, a 'ping' followed by a 'pong'
>> encourages conversation, it does so in real life. We need to see the
>> 'pong' (s) because we then know whom to point new entrants to.
>> A Fedora Ambassador is an Ambassador for life unless they cause
>> immense harm to the Fedora principles, foundations and our general way
>> of collaboration. No one is planning to throw them off the boat, we
>> would rather give them space to allow them to come back into their
>> role once their 'daily life' (or, whatever keeps them away) is set.
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> We should automate listing of ambassador name in the country directory as
> soon as he joins as ambassador ( of course after approval), when a person
> requests to join Fedora Ambassador program he should create the personal
> wiki through a form then and there so that the ambassador who is approving
> the request can check that.
>    Every country should have a central group of ambassadors consists of a
> ambassador from each region of the country who will be mentoring new
> ambassador from that region . I think this will diminish the number of
> inactive ambassadors in a region .
> Shambo Bose
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