[Ambassadors] F10 Install Fest and Introductory talk on Linux/FOSS at VIT pune..

gaurav taywade sparshme5 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 20:09:10 UTC 2009

F10 Install Fest and Introductory talk on Linux/FOSS.

Date: Tuesday, the 6th of January '09.

Venue :  Computer Department ,Vishwakarma  Institute of

By : Vishwakarma Institute Pune, Linux Users' Group (VIPLUG) in association
with Concept systems ,pune

Head Count : 140

Media Distributed : 50 (appx.) [20 Fedora 10(32 bit) DVDs, 5 Fedora 10 (64
bit) DVD and 25 cds of other linux distribution were distributed] and now we
are providing F10 DVD for every college student who register himself on our
website http://viplug.weebly.com.

Feedback : A huge success, and we got 110 registration for our next event
(i.e. 3 days workshop)that is going to happen in last week of april'09.

Our program started at 3.30pm, 1st our invited speaker Miss. Netra  explained
about the linux/FOSS,its advantages/disadvantages ,Future of Linux,etc.

After half an hour our next speaker gave some brief introduction about the
linux kernel and then he showed live installation of Fedora 10 on
projector.at around 5oclock we finished with installation and then we
started the session of question and answers.

At around 6.15 we finished the program.

Due to my exam schedule I didn't get time to write this report. Sorry for


Gaurav Taywade

Vishwakarma Institute Pune, Linux Users' Group
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