[Ambassadors] Active or Inactive

_oSkAr_ B sinkopas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 15:25:59 UTC 2009

> "Forgive me if i'm wrong as this thread has been going on for AGGGGGGEEEES
>> :) if you use IRC, read the mailing list, tell a mate about Fedora, mention
>> Fedora in passing to your mum or dad then you're active?
> In my opinion, anyone who cares to read, think about, or respond to this
> ongoing thread is considered active :)
> --Max"
> You are right, I have been following this thread and there has been a lot
> of proposals for considering someone active or not, or to take inactive ones
> out from here. I have not replied this until now because it is time to end
> up all the discussion and draw conclusions, and to say "Hey, I'm an active
> one"

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