[Ambassadors] Location of a FA !

Sandro red Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Wed Feb 25 20:23:01 UTC 2009


> when i signed to join FA i used to live and work in my home country
> (Sudan),
> and i am the only FA there ... now i work in a different country (Qatar),
> in
> which it appears that there is no ambassador yet. ...

It's a pity that there are no ambassadors yet - but luckily, now you're an
ambassador :) Thanks for helping us spread the word about Fedora where
no-one else does so yet!

> so, my Q is: I do promote and assist about Fedora wherever i go and work,
> but where shall I count my self? Sudan or Qatar? ..  am i a FA in both? ..
> if "Yes" i would be the "only" FA in either! .. if "No" then do i need to
> re-submit for FAS account with the other country?! ...

You can be an ambassador in both, Sudan an Qatar. Normally, you take the
role of an ambassador in the country you live and/or work or a country
that is really nearby of your position (like 30min drive and you're
there). But you are free where and in how many countries you are an
ambassador. If you think you can help present Fedora in both countries,
that's great! If you think you can only be active in the country you live
now, that's fine.

Your FAS account does not need to be re-submitted, it's not tied to the
place you live or the original task it was created for (like being an
ambassador in country XY). Even if one day you decide to no longer be an
ambassador but you're active in another team (like translation or
documentation), your FAS account keeps the same.

> i think i'm a bit confused :| ... (besides, i think those r more than one
> Q

I hope I was able to lift the confusion from you and give As to all your
Qs. If you still have questions regarding this, feel free to reply and ask
them to the list. Also, if you need any help on how to spread Fedora in
your countries, ask the list!

-- red

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