[Ambassadors] 02 19 2009 FAmSCo Meeting report

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at mrtomlinux.org
Sat Feb 28 11:27:11 UTC 2009

Hello and welcome to this fifthe FAMSCO weekly meeting summary. 

I sincerely apologize for being late on FAmSCo reporting.

The latest meeting was hold on February 19th 2009 on #fedora-meeting

Rodrigo Padula
Susmit Shannigrahi
Francesco Fugolini
Max Spevack

Regreted attendees: 
Joerg Simon
David Nalley

Francesco starts by announcing the meeting agenda :
1) Current Tasks Review
2) Ambassadors template
3) Inactive Ambassadors
4) Budget

1) Current Tasks Review
1.9 LATAM Events
Rodirogo Padula is leading a global LATAM effort to organize FLISOL in
many countries. FLISOL is supported by big companies like Oracle.
Rodrigo is also negociating about having a FUDConS during this big

Mentorship meeting
A meeting took place and the log of the meeting can be read there:
Rodrigo volunteered himself to attend next Mentoring meeting.

2) Ambassadors template
No update, then the task is skipped by owner.

3) Inactive Ambassadors
Max wrote a email giving a clear and concrete proposal to have a better
management of members. In this mail, he defines what an « active
ambassador » is. However Rodrigo pointed out that Max does not mention
removing Ambassadors. Francsco sums up Max's proposal: to have an
active ambassadors contact list page, which would make the inactive
ambassdors remain hidden. Rodrigo disagrees with this proposal, as from
his POV, some people don't help the Fedora Project at all, but keep the
same rights. Max intervened to explain his POV: make ambassadors
management as simple as possible, and let the inactive/dead account
remain as they are. He also add that people would never agree on a
unique definition of active/inactive definition for ambassadors. What
remains important is that we have to find a way to be sure someone who
emails an ambassador will have an answer very quickly.

The meeting is adjourned.
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