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[Ambassadors] Re: Picture Book....

On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 12:31:38PM -0500, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Better than attaching PDFs to an email to thousands of people --
> simply post it to your fedorapeople.org space.
But of course... I forgot! :D

> It would behoove us to have someone serve as the lead for
> this project, have that person get pre-orders up front through
> whatever means work best (PayPal, for instance), and then use that
> money to pay for the up-front costs.  I think that will be a good
> indicator of the demand for the book(s).
This seems like the correct thing to do.

> It would be nice for people to be able to contribute other photos (and
> releases) for cases where they aren't at an event to be photographed.
Of course. :)

The big question, however, is where do we store the photos? Flickr's
group setup seems to be the easiest way for both us and those submitting
photos. Alternatives include fedorapeople.org, or setting up gallery
software on Fedora's/somebody's infrastructure that could contain high
quality photos.

> There is one large and lingering question, though, which is profit.
> We have no place for that profit to reside here in the USA, and
> probably won't for some time.  Perhaps this project should be
> coordinated with Fedora EMEA so any profits can be devoted directly to
> furthering Fedora activities there.  Or the proceeds could be donated
> to a worthy global nonprofit like the FSF.  We'd need to make sure
> that no matter what we do with any money, the full accounting process
> is as transparent as possible.
(Or OLPC? :P)

Can the profit be added to budgets for Ambassadors events or whatnot? Or
does that still hit the "not in the USA" thing? (And what exactly is
causing that? I'm quite curious.)

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