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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora Brazil Magazine #4 released

Le Wed, 31 Dec 2008 12:40:13 -0200,
"Henrique Junior" <henriquecsj gmail com> a écrit :

> To end 2008 with a cherry on top, the Fedora Project is glad to
> announce the release of the 4th issue of Fedora Brazil Magazine. This
> issue brings a editorial written by Augusto Campos, who draws a
> retrospective review of Fedora's 5 years and he presents a picture of
> how it changed the Linux Distributions ecosystem after Fedora's first
> release announcement. Furthermore, the magazine displays a special
> approach to the brand new Fedora 10, presenting it in a clearly and
> simply way all new features and changes of this new release. Enjoy
> yourself and take part of Fedora Brazil Magazine's promotion and
> compete for a copy of the book "*Java – Fundamentos, prática &
> certificação*", by Adilson Bonanovisk.
> Shell script classes continues. There is also a stroll through SELinux
> mysteries, headshots in Urban Terror game and an unfailing
> walkthrough to build your own Fedora up. And there's a lot more, 66
> pages where variety won't be a problem.
> Happy new year and do not forget to download the magazine in the link
> below:
> http://www.projetofedora.org/revista/RevistaFedoraBrasil004.pdf
> P.S.: Scribus source in the beginning of January.

Your work is really amazing !

Congrats !!


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