[Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2008-12-31

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 03:39:52 UTC 2009

(08:00:01 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting - Roll Call
(08:00:15 PM) ***DemonJester here
(08:00:18 PM) ***lcafiero plays the role of Larry Cafiero
(08:00:23 PM) herlo: .fas herlo
(08:00:24 PM) zodbot: herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1 at gmail.com>
(08:00:27 PM) ***QUICKSTART here you know what I was going to say
(08:00:33 PM) ***ke4qqq is here
(08:01:07 PM) inode0: Are there any announcements?
(08:01:24 PM) ***herlo resists announcing anything
(08:01:35 PM) ***lcafiero can't think of anything
(08:01:40 PM) ianweller: oh hi!
(08:01:43 PM) QUICKSTART: Happy New Years to all
(08:02:03 PM) inode0: ok, let's try to stay on topic tonight as much as possible
(08:02:19 PM) inode0: herlo has the floor for the first item, ambassador kits
(08:02:56 PM) herlo has changed the topic to: FAmNA Meeting - Agenda
here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2008-12-30#Agenda
(08:03:22 PM) herlo: inode0: I snuck in another topic too
(08:03:28 PM) herlo: AmbassadorKits.
(08:03:40 PM) herlo: yes, those are the darned things we've been
trying to get going for some time
(08:03:50 PM) herlo: well FUDCon is only a week and a half away now
(08:04:01 PM) herlo: so I decided it would be a good time to get some
of the pieces in the works
(08:04:10 PM) herlo: so I created the new Fedora Media Box
(08:04:20 PM) herlo: it's been in the Artwork Design Request queue for some time
(08:05:28 PM) herlo: I'd like to preview the new Media Box here: 13:15
-!- Topic for #fedora-meeting: Channel is used by various Fedora
groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings
      ajax       often get logged | For questions about using Fedora
please ask in #fedora | See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for
meeting schedule
(08:05:34 PM) herlo: ugh
(08:05:37 PM) herlo: let me try that again
(08:05:45 PM) herlo: http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/media_box/
(08:05:56 PM) herlo: there are several images along with three svg files
(08:06:03 PM) herlo: the images are examples of what I built
(08:06:29 PM) herlo: thoughts?
(08:06:34 PM) ***inode0 makes a mental note to highlight that in the summary
(08:07:04 PM) inode0: I think it looks great
(08:07:08 PM) herlo: the svg files do the front and back.  You can
print them on one 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper
(08:07:29 PM) herlo: and cut and fold, add some tape and voila, you
have a media box, holding ~10 bits of Media
(08:07:43 PM) crossbytes: I think they look great...
(08:07:44 PM) herlo: the instructions.svg explains where to cut, how
to cut and fold.
(08:08:04 PM) ***herlo should point out that this project was taken
from the Ubuntu-Utah Loco as it was public domain
(08:08:09 PM) herlo: and credit is due there
(08:08:36 PM) lcafiero: Look great, herlo
(08:08:47 PM) ***DemonJester agrees ^^^^
(08:09:13 PM) QUICKSTART: +1
(08:09:18 PM) herlo: thanks all for the vote of confidence.  I plan to
create a bit of software based upon ianweller's fedora_business_cards
and automate it when a request is made for AmbassadorKits
(08:09:30 PM) ianweller: that's fedora-business-cards to *you*
(08:09:32 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:09:36 PM) ke4qqq: ohhh +1
(08:09:50 PM) herlo: because that is the purpose of these boxes, to be
*part* of the AmbassadorKit
(08:09:57 PM) herlo: ianweller: depending on where you look :)
(08:10:45 PM) herlo: In other words, at the Hackfest on Friday,
January 9, I plan to put together at least 10 of these boxes as well
as construct as many AmbassadorKits too
(08:10:46 PM) ***QUICKSTART starts standing ovation for herlo
(08:10:55 PM) herlo: which brings me to my next point regarding this project
(08:11:28 PM) herlo: We need a *sexy* looking box to send out to
ambassadors for a good cost
(08:11:38 PM) herlo: it'll need to hold everything we want in an ambassadorkit
(08:11:47 PM) herlo: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/AmbassadorKit
(08:11:57 PM) ***ke4qqq suggests a standard UPS shipping box
(08:12:37 PM) ***herlo thinks that's not gonna do it
(08:13:01 PM) ke4qqq: why?? what do we care what the carrier looks
like? and even more importantly - how would we afford to get it mass
(08:13:03 PM) herlo: I mean those are nice and all, but wouldn't it be
good if we could have a presentable plastic-ish box that we could open
(08:13:07 PM) inode0: I think it might work for starting out - long
term active ambassadors might want something more permanent
(08:13:19 PM) ke4qqq: ohhh pelican!
(08:13:25 PM) herlo: yeah, I've been envisioning a more sturdy
permanent solution
(08:13:40 PM) herlo: ooh, that might work, but they'd have to be much
smaller than the EventBox
(08:13:46 PM) ***herlo will look into that this week
(08:13:53 PM) ***inode0 thinks that only makes sense for active ambassadors
(08:13:53 PM) herlo: inode0: ^^ task me up plz
(08:14:11 PM) herlo: inode0: yes, that's who AmbassasadorKits are targeted
(08:14:15 PM) QUICKSTART: +1
(08:14:21 PM) ***lcafiero has an ambassador box that's actually a backpack
(08:14:28 PM) herlo: +1 on ke4qqq's suggestion of pelican
(08:14:30 PM) inode0: well, any ambassador who has a local event will
want an ambassador kit
(08:14:41 PM) herlo: right, and they can have one
(08:14:44 PM) ke4qqq: I currently carry all of my supplies in a backpack
(08:14:48 PM) herlo: as long as they are ambassadors
(08:14:53 PM) herlo: they should be easy to refill
(08:15:01 PM) ke4qqq: but do I really want 5-6?
(08:15:06 PM) ke4qqq: seems wasteful
(08:15:07 PM) herlo: t-shirts, stickers, etc...
(08:15:07 PM) QUICKSTART: couldn't we get a paper box resembling a briefcase
(08:15:16 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: 5-6 what?
(08:15:23 PM) ke4qqq: the idea was to have this as a no thought item
we could drop off and get shipped
(08:15:26 PM) ke4qqq: wasn't it?
(08:15:30 PM) ke4qqq: 5-6 of these boxes
(08:15:31 PM) herlo: it's one box, you refill it...
(08:15:39 PM) inode0: I just think a UPS box would be quite adequate
unless you are doing *many* events with it
(08:15:44 PM) herlo: more like 20-40 of these boxes
(08:15:50 PM) QUICKSTART: true
(08:15:51 PM) herlo: one for every ambassador
(08:15:55 PM) ke4qqq: hmmmm that seems counter to the thought of one
stop shopping
(08:16:10 PM) herlo: I missed that meeting I guess
(08:16:11 PM) ke4qqq: refilling it means I can't just grab a box on
the way out the door
(08:16:21 PM) herlo: my mind had it that we'd ship out one box, then
refill it as needed
(08:16:28 PM) ke4qqq: I thought that was your original thought
(08:16:36 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: refills are done piecemeal
(08:16:44 PM) QUICKSTART: sounds expensive
(08:16:46 PM) ke4qqq: why?
(08:17:01 PM) herlo: you get one box, and you use it at an event,
restock what's depleted
(08:17:09 PM) herlo: ke4qqq: I guess I can see your point
(08:17:22 PM) herlo: but I think we're digging into minutiae now, we
should save some of this for FUDCon
(08:17:27 PM) QUICKSTART: sorry thought out loud
(08:17:27 PM) ke4qqq: that's just as expensive to ship 100 CDs as
100CDs and a tshirt
(08:17:33 PM) ke4qqq: you are right
(08:17:35 PM) QUICKSTART: rather typed out loud
(08:17:47 PM) ke4qqq: and inode0  a pox on you for saying the word
that must not be mentioned :)
(08:17:47 PM) inode0: agreed, we should settle on whether this is
going to be disposable or permanent soon though
(08:18:13 PM) herlo: inode0: we can decide that this week
(08:18:30 PM) ***herlo votes to move forward...
(08:18:36 PM) inode0: ke4qqq: context - if the ambassador does one or
two events I don't think the project needs to fund a fancy box
(08:18:38 PM) ***ke4qqq +1's
(08:18:46 PM) ke4qqq: I know, but still the word....lol
(08:19:25 PM) inode0: Media Discussion - last minute addition to the
agenda by herlo
(08:19:43 PM) herlo: quickly, I just wanted to let everyone know that
the LiveCDs have shipped
(08:19:49 PM) herlo: arriving before FUDCon for everone
(08:19:50 PM) herlo: everyone
(08:20:07 PM) herlo: and, we ordered 2300 each of x86 and x86_64 DVDs
(08:20:26 PM) herlo: we're hoping for it to be done by Jan 7 so I can
bring some to FUDCon.  But we'll see
(08:20:30 PM) herlo: it's gonna be close
(08:20:35 PM) inode0: which reminds me ...
(08:20:55 PM) inode0: everyone who is incurring actual expenses please
remember to update our budget
(08:21:05 PM) inode0: with hard numbers as they materialize
(08:21:19 PM) ke4qqq: +10
(08:21:42 PM) QUICKSTART: would that include travel expenses?
(08:21:44 PM) herlo: inode0: we'll get those from the ups weekly pdf too
(08:21:53 PM) herlo: QUICKSTART: only if you have been approved for that
(08:22:08 PM) QUICKSTART: k got it
(08:22:09 PM) inode0: I wasn't speaking directly about your costs
herlo, you just reminded me :)
(08:22:35 PM) herlo: inode0: I know, just wanted to point that out
(08:22:54 PM) herlo: k, that topic is done for me
(08:23:03 PM) inode0: FAmNA Resource Requests
(08:23:49 PM) herlo: okay, so along with all this media, we now have a
new trac instance that cna be used by any NA Fedora Contributor (read
Ambassador) to request resources from us
(08:23:51 PM) inode0: agenda hat trick for herlo
(08:24:00 PM) herlo: https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests
(08:24:26 PM) herlo: for those of you who are Regional Ambassadors,
ke4qqq, DemonJester, inode0, lcafiero and myself, you'll be able to
login and handle requests
(08:24:44 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:24:58 PM) herlo: we need to spread the word about this requesting
system.  It can handle media right now, but when DemonJester gets his
t-shirts that can be added, stickers is another thing, etc...
(08:25:11 PM) herlo: we can customize this instance to accommodate
these requests
(08:25:17 PM) herlo: we can track them and improve our processes
(08:25:19 PM) herlo: plus
(08:25:30 PM) herlo:     * Allowing the NA Regional Ambassadors the
ability to view and process requests without duplication.
(08:25:33 PM) herlo:     * Avoid duplicate requests for resources.
(08:25:36 PM) herlo: right from the front page
(08:25:38 PM) herlo:     * Better planning purchases for future resources.
(08:26:17 PM) herlo: I got an email reply from spevack that he's going
to be implementing this sort of system across much of the fedora
infrastructure for requests...
(08:26:23 PM) QUICKSTART: +2
(08:26:54 PM) herlo: so I'd like to get you all to login and make sure
you can see tickets
(08:27:08 PM) herlo: DemonJester: you should have received an email
from jds2001 already.  Did you get that?
(08:27:11 PM) inode0: ok, tasks for everyone
(08:27:16 PM) herlo: do it now!
(08:27:18 PM) herlo: :)
(08:27:25 PM) ***DemonJester shakes head yes already logged in as well
(08:27:26 PM) herlo: it won't take but a minute
(08:27:35 PM) ***jds2001 here
(08:28:06 PM) herlo: inode0: ke4qqq lcafiero all logged in as well?
(08:28:25 PM) inode0: let's say yes
(08:28:26 PM) ke4qqq: should I be able to see ticket #1?
(08:28:28 PM) lcafiero: I get this when clicking on the login link:
(08:28:32 PM) ke4qqq: even tho it's not mine?
(08:28:36 PM) herlo: yes
(08:28:46 PM) ***ke4qqq thought you worked to eliminate that
(08:28:57 PM) herlo: no, only for people who make requests
(08:29:01 PM) ***inode0 doesn't think we need a classroom session
during the meeting
(08:29:02 PM) herlo: the regionals can see these tickets
(08:29:06 PM) ke4qqq: ahhhh ok
(08:29:14 PM) herlo: inode0: it was only to get ppl to login, sorry
(08:29:29 PM) lcafiero: logged in.
(08:29:29 PM) herlo: lcafiero: I'll work with you offline then
(08:29:34 PM) herlo: ooh, cool, nm
(08:29:42 PM) lcafiero: There's something wrong with the link in the
body of the site about midway down.
(08:29:51 PM) lcafiero: The one that says "log in"
(08:29:53 PM) herlo: anyway, spread the word to your regions that this
is the way to get media if you get email requests
(08:29:56 PM) lcafiero: But the one on top works.
(08:30:05 PM) herlo: :)
(08:30:06 PM) inode0: let's just do this right after the meeting in
(08:30:11 PM) herlo: yep
(08:30:13 PM) herlo: sounds good
(08:30:20 PM) herlo: 3 items down, 10 minutes each
(08:30:41 PM) lcafiero: Awww.
(08:30:43 PM) lcafiero: Okay.
(08:30:59 PM) inode0: before we leave this I think the idea and
arrangements look about as perfect as we could get for now
(08:31:14 PM) inode0: should be very helpful
(08:31:29 PM) ***DemonJester notes he really like the idea!
(08:31:43 PM) ***lcafiero does a few laps around the site and likes it.
(08:31:50 PM) inode0: task list is next
(08:32:06 PM) ke4qqq: can we close the ups task?? everyone successfully used it?
(08:32:18 PM) ***inode0 has been a slacker and must finish his clean
up task tomorrow
(08:32:18 PM) herlo: already moved
(08:32:27 PM) herlo: reload that page
(08:32:31 PM) DemonJester: I am in but havent used it yet
(08:32:48 PM) jds2001: I suppose that if we want regionals not to be
able to see other regions I could take TRAC_ADMIN away from em.
(08:32:56 PM) jds2001: but I don't think that's valuable.
(08:33:09 PM) inode0: I don't care who sees what
(08:33:11 PM) herlo: no, I think it's fine
(08:33:18 PM) inode0: no secrets necessary
(08:33:19 PM) ke4qqq: no it's not valuable - but I wanted to make sure
that was expected behavior
(08:33:29 PM) ke4qqq: after all of the silo talking
(08:33:42 PM) jds2001: hehe :)
(08:33:43 PM) ***ke4qqq wasn't aware he was a trac_admin
(08:33:53 PM) jds2001: we don't build silos here, we build community :)
(08:33:58 PM) inode0: ready to move on?
(08:34:01 PM) herlo: yep
(08:34:03 PM) jds2001: ke4qqq: you should see an admin tab in the right corner
(08:34:03 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:34:05 PM) jds2001: yes :)
(08:34:07 PM) inode0: Open Floor
(08:34:08 PM) ke4qqq: ohh wait
(08:34:13 PM) ke4qqq: what's status on tshirts?
(08:34:14 PM) ***inode0 waits
(08:34:28 PM) inode0: good question
(08:34:34 PM) herlo: task is done
(08:34:37 PM) herlo: I asked DemonJester
(08:34:43 PM) inode0: they are ordered?
(08:34:47 PM) herlo: yes
(08:34:48 PM) ke4qqq: ahhh I see the ordered note
(08:34:53 PM) inode0: to be paid later?
(08:34:59 PM) ke4qqq: arrival date?? where/how are they shipping?
(08:35:02 PM) DemonJester: they were ordered last week.. I called
about shipping to different locations instead of RH boston but cost is
alot more for shipping
(08:35:15 PM) ke4qqq: how much more than shipping to all of us from boston?
(08:35:23 PM) ke4qqq: assuming that the majority of us can't carry them back
(08:35:33 PM) inode0: will end up a lot more I expect anyway
(08:36:03 PM) DemonJester: we can either have them all shipped to RH
Boston of we can ship them to me and I send them out. Roughly about
$100 more
(08:36:07 PM) herlo: we'll need some for AmbKits, but only like 20-30 probably
(08:36:11 PM) inode0: but if they don't mix them up in each box then
we need to do that anyway
(08:36:33 PM) ke4qqq: what size boxes?
(08:36:54 PM) DemonJester: didnt ask but there will be 9 of them.
(08:36:59 PM) ***ke4qqq is willing to part with 100 to have them
shipped direct I think.
(08:37:13 PM) ke4qqq: herlo: you know about shirts - what kind of
volume are we talking?
(08:37:20 PM) ***inode0 is only worried about getting all XXL
(08:37:29 PM) ke4qqq: lol
(08:37:42 PM) ***lcafiero needs XXL too
(08:37:43 PM) DemonJester: could happen as I doubt they will sort them
before shipping
(08:38:01 PM) inode0: no, I mean I don't want a box of 50 Small and
Medium only shirts
(08:38:06 PM) ke4qqq: what happens if they  (or $carrier) misses the date?
(08:38:29 PM) ***inode0 doesn't need XXL :)
(08:38:42 PM) DemonJester: They said we would have them for Fudcon.
Didnt get any money back shipping promise
(08:38:44 PM) ***jds2001 doesn't need XXL, just XL :)
(08:38:51 PM) ***QUICKSTART what no large???? lol
(08:39:02 PM) ***ke4qqq started out thinking that BOS was a great
destination - now I am worried
(08:39:14 PM) inode0: let's just deal with it at FUDcon, we can repack
and reship from there, right?
(08:39:27 PM) ke4qqq: inode0: again - what if they don't arrive
(08:39:33 PM) ke4qqq: in time
(08:39:35 PM) ke4qqq: on schedule
(08:39:38 PM) inode0: then mo will help us out
(08:39:54 PM) ke4qqq: k - just wanted someone other than me to volunteer her :)
(08:40:11 PM) inode0: I'll give her a pony and it will be ok
(08:40:53 PM) inode0: or DemonJester can reroute them to him if they
are going to really miss
(08:41:14 PM) ke4qqq: k
(08:41:26 PM) ***DemonJester thinks that might be best so we dont have
to reship 5 times only 4 if they come direct to me
(08:41:33 PM) jds2001: a hello kitty pony mind you..
(08:41:40 PM) QUICKSTART: make sure that someone is there to pick up
the boxes though
(08:41:48 PM) jds2001: at red hat?
(08:41:51 PM) jds2001: I
(08:41:53 PM) ke4qqq: I won't have to ship mine either - /me isn't flying
(08:41:59 PM) jds2001: am sure there's someone there :)
(08:42:06 PM) inode0: don't worry about that
(08:42:14 PM) jds2001: right you have the bus :)
(08:42:16 PM) DemonJester: ke4qqq: didnt know that so either way it
would be the same
(08:42:20 PM) jds2001: you driving the bus? :)
(08:42:26 PM) ke4qqq: indeed!
(08:42:49 PM) DemonJester: I will just keep it going to RH then
(08:42:57 PM) DemonJester: if everyone is ok with that
(08:43:07 PM) herlo: yep
(08:43:07 PM) jds2001: if i would have known about it before i might
have joined you :)
(08:43:16 PM) jds2001: but I already have train tickets :)
(08:43:19 PM) inode0: I'm ok with anything that ends up with them
being shipped to me not in Boston :)
(08:43:46 PM) herlo: inode0: yer coming to fudcon right?
(08:44:06 PM) inode0: yes, but I'm not carrying 2 boxes of shirts back
with me if I can help it
(08:44:20 PM) DemonJester: wear them then :)
(08:44:35 PM) ianweller: < TSA> sir ummmm why do you have four dozen shirts on?
(08:44:35 PM) ke4qqq: lol
(08:44:39 PM) ***DemonJester pictures inode0 with 150 shirts on ;)
(08:45:02 PM) lcafiero: heh
(08:45:03 PM) ***herlo was going for the youtube video
(08:45:07 PM) ke4qqq: better question - whats the reaction of central
US ambassadors to receiving a shirt pre-worn by inode0 ?
(08:45:08 PM) ***QUICKSTART winter coat
(08:45:10 PM) ke4qqq: on a plane
(08:45:13 PM) ***inode0 is starting to get sweaty
(08:45:15 PM) ke4qqq: for 5 hours
(08:45:30 PM) herlo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muP9eH2p2PI
(08:45:38 PM) inode0: ok Open Floor
(08:45:49 PM) inode0: I have one small topic
(08:46:16 PM) herlo: :51 in
(08:46:32 PM) inode0: We talked a while back when there was a request
to change the meeting time about revisiting that at some point
(08:46:41 PM) inode0: I think now is a good point in time to do that
(08:46:43 PM) DemonJester: herlo: lol
(08:47:11 PM) QUICKSTART: Would it be possible to make it based on
Eastern Time or any other us time zone
(08:47:18 PM) inode0: no
(08:47:27 PM) jds2001: it is at 9PM eastern.
(08:47:34 PM) jds2001: but all meetings are based on UTC
(08:47:44 PM) ***herlo can't do much earlier
(08:47:51 PM) DemonJester: nor can I
(08:47:56 PM) herlo: and to be honest, I was the one who pushed it this late
(08:47:58 PM) herlo: but
(08:48:06 PM) herlo: I'm up for biweekly meetings though
(08:48:07 PM) QUICKSTART: Saturdays??
(08:48:11 PM) herlo: I think that's something we can do
(08:48:16 PM) jds2001: why is that a concern?
(08:48:17 PM) herlo: QUICKSTART: saturdays are hard
(08:48:18 PM) inode0: I'm going to send something to f-a-l soonish
about this since others who can't come at this time can't give us
input here
(08:48:23 PM) jds2001: 9PM is a reasonable time for me.
(08:48:33 PM) ***DemonJester notes QUICKSTART must not be married for
suggesting Sat.. ;)
(08:48:37 PM) QUICKSTART: just offering an idea
(08:48:43 PM) QUICKSTART: +1
(08:48:53 PM) ***jds2001 could do Sat too :)
(08:49:00 PM) ***herlo could not
(08:49:01 PM) jds2001: but I'm also not married :)
(08:49:01 PM) ***ke4qqq doewsn't want to do Sat
(08:49:07 PM) ***herlo isn't marred
(08:49:07 PM) ke4qqq: would cosnider sunday though
(08:49:09 PM) lcafiero: Tuesdays are better than Saturdays for me.
(08:49:12 PM) ***DemonJester cant do Sat.
(08:49:12 PM) ***jds2001 either really
(08:49:16 PM) ke4qqq: and tuesdays are far better
(08:49:18 PM) herlo: sundays would work now adays
(08:49:25 PM) herlo: but I like tuesdays
(08:49:30 PM) inode0: I am going to suggest trying to move to twice a
month, once at the current time, and possibly once more convenient for
others and a weekend might be worth considering
(08:49:32 PM) QUICKSTART: Sunday is ok I guess my schedule is flexible
since I'm not married yet
(08:49:35 PM) lcafiero: me is married, but that's not why Saturdays don't work.
(08:49:38 PM) herlo: and I've gotten all my other meetings rearranged too
(08:50:13 PM) ***jds2001 still not sure what time FESCo is gonna end up at.
(08:50:21 PM) QUICKSTART: well anything thats convenient for you guys
as long as its not 10 or later
(08:50:32 PM) ke4qqq: in what timezone?
(08:50:39 PM) DemonJester: EST
(08:50:39 PM) inode0: I'd like to see one of the meetings be earlier
in the day so others can come who sleep at this time
(08:50:59 PM) ke4qqq: like who?
(08:51:01 PM) ***DemonJester notes sleep is overrated!
(08:51:02 PM) jds2001: but who in NA sleeps at this hour?
(08:51:08 PM) inode0: max for one
(08:51:13 PM) ke4qqq: he isn't in NA
(08:51:14 PM) herlo: inode0: maybe the biweekly schedule can be early
one week and late for another
(08:51:18 PM) jds2001: he's not in NA :)
(08:51:30 PM) inode0: he would make valuable contributions
(08:51:34 PM) herlo: ke4qqq is our NA FAMSCO rep now, we'll make him
do all the work :)
(08:51:47 PM) jds2001: sounds good!
(08:51:49 PM) ***DemonJester suggests we hold special sessions for max then
(08:51:55 PM) ***lcafiero thinks losing the election wasn't so bad after all
(08:52:15 PM) ke4qqq: why??
(08:52:15 PM) inode0: it isn't just max, people in NA prefer earlier
in the day too
(08:52:19 PM) ke4qqq: ohhh one other thing
(08:52:23 PM) crossbytes: I think weekends and earlier for the east
coast Ambassadors
(08:52:27 PM) inode0: let's bounce it around on f-a-l
(08:52:32 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:52:32 PM) ke4qqq: +1
(08:52:32 PM) herlo: lcafiero: you and your election losses
(08:52:38 PM) herlo: +1
(08:52:42 PM) ***ke4qqq has a topic when you are finished
(08:52:45 PM) lcafiero: herlo: I'm scarred for life
(08:52:56 PM) inode0: I'll start it up
(08:52:57 PM) herlo: meh
(08:53:04 PM) inode0: ke4qqq has the floor
(08:53:19 PM) ke4qqq: ok - so the idea of special meetings for max
brought this to mind
(08:53:40 PM) ke4qqq: I'd suggest that everyone who can get a copy of
the Starfish and the Spider
(08:53:44 PM) ke4qqq: and read it.
(08:53:46 PM) ke4qqq: only 200 pages
(08:53:50 PM) ke4qqq: and it's great
(08:53:56 PM) ***herlo is reading it
(08:53:56 PM) QUICKSTART: what is that?
(08:54:02 PM) herlo: 2 chapters in
(08:54:05 PM) inode0: read f-a-l too QUICKSTART
(08:54:15 PM) ***DemonJester has it ordered after seeing it on f-a-l
(08:54:15 PM) ke4qqq: and short of Homesteading the Noosphere it's the
best book to describe F/LOSS orgs that I have read
(08:54:19 PM) ke4qqq: in a long time
(08:54:26 PM) QUICKSTART: I would enjoy reading it but where can I get
a copy and what are those texts
(08:54:43 PM) ke4qqq: QUICKSTART: BN, Amazon.com, Borders, etc.
(08:54:46 PM) inode0: after you guys read it perhaps we can have a
roundtable discussion about it
(08:54:52 PM) ke4qqq: yes!!
(08:54:55 PM) inode0: I'd like that
(08:54:57 PM) herlo: +1
(08:55:00 PM) lcafiero: +1
(08:55:05 PM) ***ke4qqq thinks we need to make it part of required NA mentoring
(08:55:06 PM) DemonJester: Fedora book club :)
(08:55:09 PM) QUICKSTART: I'll take a look into it
(08:55:25 PM) crossbytes: +1 DemonJester
(08:55:27 PM) ke4qqq: and that each Ambassador should be considered a
catalyst or champion
(08:55:43 PM) DemonJester: herlo: why not add that in the AMBKit?
(08:56:01 PM) ke4qqq: if we had any spare money I'd say it was a great idea
(08:56:11 PM) QUICKSTART: http://www.starfishandspider.com/
(08:56:16 PM) DemonJester: future thought perhaps then..
(08:56:19 PM) QUICKSTART: thats the starfish and spider?
(08:56:22 PM) ke4qqq: perhaps
(08:56:30 PM) herlo: could do, but the cost keeps rising
(08:56:30 PM) herlo: ing
(08:56:39 PM) ke4qqq: QUICKSTART: yep
(08:56:40 PM) herlo: sorry, got disconnected
(08:56:51 PM) inode0: let's stop adding stuff to the kit for tonight
(08:56:52 PM) QUICKSTART: apparently they have a wiki for it
(08:57:14 PM) herlo: we do
(08:57:22 PM) inode0: and everyone go read the book, it is great
(08:57:40 PM) ***herlo moves over to #fedora-ambassadors
(08:57:41 PM) ***ke4qqq is done
(08:57:55 PM) QUICKSTART: well I'm done one question what does f-a-l stand for
(08:57:59 PM) inode0: any other business tonight - last chance this year
(08:58:06 PM) lcafiero: Quick comment?
(08:58:25 PM) DemonJester: QUICKSTART: Fedora Ambassadors List
(08:58:30 PM) inode0: QUICKSTART: the mailing list where this book has
been discussed
(08:58:30 PM) QUICKSTART: ahhhh ok
(08:58:37 PM) QUICKSTART: k
(08:58:42 PM) inode0: lcafiero go
(08:59:06 PM) lcafiero: Still talking to SCaLE about FADNA, but would
like to ping everyone even on list about their feelings about whether
to have it at SCaLE or LFNW
(08:59:15 PM) herlo: LFNW
(08:59:20 PM) inode0: neither
(08:59:25 PM) lcafiero: SCaLE is interested in having us, LFNW is
probably more practical.
(08:59:31 PM) lcafiero: or inode0's house
(08:59:33 PM) ***ke4qqq votes against SCALE
(08:59:35 PM) lcafiero: I forgot that option.
(08:59:49 PM) ke4qqq: simply for $$$ reasons
(08:59:50 PM) ***inode0 votes for being champions of the new model
(08:59:57 PM) QUICKSTART: well I must leave goodnight and good luck
for the next year Happy New Year all
(09:00:04 PM) herlo: gnight
(09:00:08 PM) lcafiero: Again we can hash this out on list
(09:00:19 PM) inode0: getting a fedora activity day arranged with
infrastructure or another group within fedora
(09:00:20 PM) lcafiero: done here.
(09:00:41 PM) inode0: spending a weekend just doing FAD
(09:00:49 PM) DemonJester: inode0: that more than likely means East
Coast then since most are located there.
(09:01:14 PM) inode0: I don't think so
(09:02:00 PM) inode0: Max is going to announce this more widely in the
coming days, I would really like to see if any other groups come
forward wanting to join us.
(09:02:43 PM) inode0: It is very likely it can be funded with travel
for critical people.
(09:02:52 PM) ke4qqq: inode0: I thought it was announced already
(09:02:54 PM) ke4qqq: on FAB
(09:03:09 PM) inode0: not beyond the board and marketing
(09:03:11 PM) herlo: it needs to be blogged and emailed on other lists imo
(09:03:46 PM) ***herlo thinks we're done??
(09:03:51 PM) lcafiero: +1
(09:03:53 PM) inode0: not yet though, board feedback is needed
(09:04:09 PM) inode0: then more announcements will happen
(09:04:35 PM) inode0: but I think it is going to happen and we should
try to make it work
(09:04:53 PM) herlo: famnarequests discussion in #fedora-ambassadors
in 42 seconds...
(09:05:18 PM) inode0: ok, any other business for this year?
(09:05:32 PM) inode0: 5
(09:05:35 PM) inode0: 4
(09:05:37 PM) inode0: 3
(09:05:39 PM) inode0: 2
(09:05:43 PM) inode0: 1
(09:06:07 PM) ***DemonJester heads to store for food.
(09:06:09 PM) inode0: thank you everyone, tonight and for about the
past 6 months - we're learning and I hope getting better
(09:06:12 PM) inode0: EOF

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