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Re: [Ambassadors] FAmNA Meetings Revisited

Dear all:
First, a very groovy new year 2009 to u all.
and, sorry I could not attend most meeting since last 2 months. I am in Bangladesh right now for my personal and family problems.
I will keep up-to-date through email, minutes and fedora wiki.
I will be with you all soon .
Rashadul Islam
Fedora Ambassador
GPG Key 5557BFAC
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2009/1/5 Ian Weller <ianweller gmail com>
On Sun, Jan 04, 2009 at 11:49:14PM -0600, inode0 wrote:
> It would be very helpful, and it is in fact going to be required, if
> you'd like to attend the meetings but can't at the current time for
> you to suggest some times when you could for us to consider.
Perhaps make a large meeting matrix on the wiki -- days on one side,
times on another -- and have everyone initial when they can attend.

i.e., https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pfrields/ReleaseDay/MeetingMatrix

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