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Event Boxes (was Re: [Ambassadors] SCaLE 7x Booth Preparations)

On Thu, 25 Dec 2008, Clint Savage wrote:

In addition, I'd like to see some new banners to put into the Fedora EventBox[3] and some posters for the four f's (this is indeed our new mantra) as well. I know this art is already created, we just need to get it in place. Thus, I suggest we update the EventBox(en) out there with these materials ASAP. I've seen discussion of this in IRC and mailing lists. If you know anything about this, please respond here with that information as well.

I think it would be smart to use some of the budget that we have in the current quarter to make things like posters and to stock up event boxes not just in North America, but also in EMEA.

Let's buy all the reusable things we need for the upcoming event season in January and February, because it's a very good time to spend that kind of money, from a budget point of view.


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