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[Ambassadors] FAmSCo Meeting - IRC Log 2009-01-05

This is the log of the FAmSCo IRC Meeting hold Monday 5th Jannuary at
20.00 UTC in #fedora-meeting.

Raw log:

(09:04:09 PM) spevack: let's start
(09:04:18 PM) fugolini: ah, ok
(09:04:24 PM) spevack: is everyone else here?
(09:04:31 PM) fugolini: so, roll call
(09:04:40 PM) fugolini: Francesco Ugolini
(09:04:41 PM) spevack: Max Spevack
(09:04:58 PM) MrTom: Thomas Canniot
(09:05:00 PM) ke4qqq: David Nalley
(09:05:01 PM) susmit: SusmitShannigrahi
(09:05:16 PM) ***fugolini is getting a terrible cold
(09:05:30 PM) kital: JoergSimon
(09:05:55 PM) fugolini: Meeting agenda: 1) FAmSCo Chair Election
(09:06:01 PM) onekopaka
[n=onekopak c-76-121-249-193 hsd1 wa comcast net] entered the room.
(09:06:07 PM) fugolini: 2) Meeting schedule
(09:06:08 PM) onekopaka: okay
(09:06:30 PM) onekopaka: sorry
(09:06:39 PM) ***spevack was lagging, but is back now
(09:07:01 PM) spevack: hello?
(09:07:03 PM) fugolini: I collected Max suggestion in one topic
(09:07:12 PM) fugolini: so, 1) FAmSCo Chair Election
(09:07:33 PM) spevack: !
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:07:40 PM) fugolini: spevack:
(09:07:48 PM) ***fugolini is searching for the right wiki link to give
(09:08:23 PM) spevack: before we jump right into this, i think we
should say welcome to our new famsco members, and talk about some of
the things that Famsco is currently responsible for, that need to be
continued, and then some of the things that Ambassadors have told us
they would like Famsco to be more active on
(09:08:45 PM) fugolini: Yes, I was going to do this :)
(09:09:01 PM) spevack: fugolini: ok, go ahead :)
(09:09:23 PM) fugolini: have you finished?
(09:10:07 PM) spevack: if you are going to talk about it, then I have
finished, yes.  EOF
(09:10:20 PM) fugolini: feel free to finish
(09:10:31 PM) spevack: ok
(09:11:09 PM) fugolini: sorry but I've a terrible cold ... forgive me
if I'm interrupting you
(09:11:17 PM) spevack: well, the two big things that Famsco has been
doing are the membership verificatio -- which I prefer to call
Mentoring and Training of new Ambassadors -- and I think that we need
to focus on that process -- not only the technical work that kital has
started, but the softer side of training people on how to be goo
Fedora Ambassadors
(09:11:42 PM) spevack: I did a Fedora Classroom session on that a
while back, and I will do more.
(09:11:42 PM) spevack: the technical work that kital has done is fantastic
(09:11:43 PM) spevack: and i thank him for it.
(09:11:43 PM) onekopaka: isn't this websites?
(09:11:56 PM) spevack: no, this is the fedora ambassadors meeting onekopaka :)
(09:12:00 PM) onekopaka: no wonder.
(09:12:06 PM) spevack: onekopaka: :)
(09:12:16 PM) kital: thanks spevack ;)
(09:12:24 PM) ***onekopaka sighs
(09:12:28 PM) onekopaka left the room.
(09:12:35 PM) spevack: i think we need to make sure that we also
provide proper resources that teach people how to organize events, how
to do public speaking, how to speak about a specific message, etc.
(09:12:35 PM) Zool^ [n=kaland 19 81-166-29 customer lyse net] entered the room.
(09:12:49 PM) spevack: also the other big thing we do in famsco is
manage the budget for ambassadors and global events
(09:13:04 PM) spevack: which has a lot of sharing with Red Hat's
Community Architecture budget, and therefore the overall budget for
(09:13:13 PM) spevack: the place where i think there is room to continue to grow
(09:13:21 PM) spevack: is in solidifying the processes across
different parts of the world
(09:13:27 PM) spevack: and making sure that things don't diverge too wildly
(09:13:32 PM) spevack: what one region figures out and optimizesa
(09:13:36 PM) spevack: neeeds to be shared
(09:13:42 PM) spevack: we want local leadership and authority
(09:13:45 PM) spevack: but we don't want silos
(09:13:55 PM) spevack: famsco also must be the clearing-house for
worldwide activity
(09:14:15 PM) spevack: I am personally very keen on the expanded
"Fedora Activity Day" idea for this coming year, and I think FAMSCO
can be very active in helping to make that successful worldwide.
(09:14:20 PM) spevack: EOF
(09:14:21 PM) spevack: EOF
(09:14:24 PM) spevack: any thoughts or comments?
(09:14:33 PM) spevack: oh, and happy new year :)
(09:14:42 PM) kital: ! yes
(09:14:43 PM) fugolini: I agree completely with your toughts
(09:14:54 PM) fugolini: and happy new year to you too :)
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:15:50 PM) kital: today i have updated the join page as herlo
requested it https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Join
(09:16:03 PM) spevack: kital: fantastic!
(09:16:10 PM) fugolini: spevack: in that way the fedorahosted group
(FAmSCo) was build?
(09:16:23 PM) fugolini: kital: wonderful
(09:16:37 PM) kital: i have clarified the steps and have added the
regional mentors
(09:16:55 PM) fugolini: I mean, all those BIG goals and the way to achieve them
(09:17:03 PM) spevack: fugolini: i don't know about how the
fedorahosted group was built.  i think someone made it, and it's up to
us to figure out how we want to use it
(09:17:11 PM) kital: every new sponsored Ambassador gets a welcome
message with a
(09:17:15 PM) kital: I would like to introduce you to our Community
Mentors from your region, where
(09:17:15 PM) kital: you can ask for help or point your ideas:
(09:17:15 PM) kital: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Robert
(09:17:19 PM) kital: ...
(09:17:20 PM) kital: eof
(09:17:31 PM) spevack: kital: you should write in your blog about the
new Join page, if you want to.  if not, I will write about it.
(09:17:36 PM) fugolini: kital: I like the idea, great job
(09:17:49 PM) susmit: !
(09:17:51 PM) spevack: kital: i really like the page
(09:18:04 PM) spevack: it's starting to be more organized
(09:18:06 PM) kital: spevack - please blog about
(09:18:08 PM) fugolini: Anyone want to say something about the FAmSCo
perspective and so on?
(09:18:12 PM) spevack: kital: ok, i will
(09:18:46 PM) onekopaka
[n=onekopak c-76-121-249-193 hsd1 wa comcast net] entered the room.
(09:18:50 PM) susmit: I can take care of the fedorahosted...
(09:19:14 PM) susmit: for other thing, I am more interested to have an
outline of how to follow up the FADs..
(09:19:14 PM) ***herlo is looking at the changes kital made right now
(09:19:17 PM) petreu| [n=peter p3EE3F14D dip t-dialin net] entered the room.
(09:19:25 PM) fugolini: I think we need to divided all the task and
create some groups
(09:19:33 PM) fugolini: *tasks
(09:19:47 PM) fugolini: like it was in the first/second FAmSCos
(09:19:56 PM) spevack: susmit: let's give you the fedorahosted action
item, and i'll take the FAD action item, since it's up to me to
explain further that vision.
(09:20:13 PM) susmit: thanks
(09:20:19 PM) spevack: fugolini: yeah, we need to break down the main
goals and tasks, and ensure that they each have an owner
(09:20:27 PM) spevack: and the famsco chair needs to be responsible
for making sure things happen
(09:20:31 PM) spevack: and that new tasks are added as needed
(09:20:36 PM) fugolini: spevack: +1
(09:20:46 PM) susmit: +1
(09:20:50 PM) kital: +1
(09:21:45 PM) fugolini: So, FAmSCo Chair election?
(09:22:01 PM) spevack: sure.
(09:22:09 PM) spevack: how does it work?
(09:22:49 PM) fugolini: spevack: we could used self-nomination,
nomination system
(09:22:54 PM) spevack: if he wants to do it again, I nominate
francesco.  if he wants to not be the chair this year, i understand
that also.  but i think he did a great job and deserves a nomination.
(09:23:05 PM) MrTom: +1
(09:23:08 PM) kital: +1 <- he did a great job
(09:23:08 PM) susmit: +1
(09:24:36 PM) fugolini: there are a lot experienced
ambassadors/contibutors in this FAmSCo (and in the past FAmSCos too),
(09:25:03 PM) fugolini: if you thing you could do this task better
than me, I'm asking you to tell me
(09:25:12 PM) spevack: it's not even about that.
(09:25:28 PM) kital: i think we should proceed with the good direction
we have with your leadership
(09:25:29 PM) spevack: if there is someone else who would like to
nominate themselves or nominate someone else for the leadership role,
then speak up pleaes
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:25:44 PM) ***MrTom won't tell anything then
(09:25:45 PM) spevack: there are plenty of leadership opportunities in
famsco for everyone
(09:25:54 PM) spevack: it doesn't matter what we call ourselves.
(09:26:20 PM) spevack: .
(09:26:21 PM) spevack: .
(09:26:22 PM) spevack: .
(09:26:24 PM) fugolini: spevack, kital both of you demonstrates great
leadership in Ambassadors, so
(09:26:41 PM) spevack: fugolini, do you accept what seems to be a
unanimous nomination for another year as famsco chair?
(09:26:41 PM) ***kital thinks fugolini is simple the best choice
(09:26:54 PM) ***MrTom agrees
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:27:05 PM) ***susmit nods
(09:27:11 PM) fugolini: spevack: yes, I'm really delighted
(09:27:32 PM) spevack: ke4qqq: +1 from you also?
(09:27:34 PM) MrTom: the king is dead, long live the kink :D
(09:27:39 PM) kital: ;)
(09:27:43 PM) MrTom: s/kink king
(09:27:43 PM) ke4qqq: sorry yes
(09:27:48 PM) fugolini: lol
(09:27:52 PM) ***ke4qqq votes for fugolini
(09:27:59 PM) spevack: alright francesco, you're still the boss.  :)
now give us some orders!
(09:28:06 PM) susmit: :)
(09:28:16 PM) fugolini: I prefer to call them inputs ghghghgh :D
(09:28:17 PM) MrTom: what a landslide for fugolini :)
stickster StillBob
(09:29:04 PM) fugolini: so, now Fedora Board has to approve this
nomination, like the past year I'll send an email to stickster
(09:29:11 PM) balor [n=balor gimili plus com] entered the room.
(09:29:18 PM) spevack: ok, what else must we discuss today?  i think
this meeting is used to sort out the logistics of the new famsco.
(09:29:26 PM) spevack: and then we get to work on the mailing list and
in future meetings
(09:29:27 PM) fugolini: spevack: Meeting schedule
(09:29:31 PM) spevack: is everyone in famsco on the mailing list?
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:29:39 PM) spevack: has the mailing list been updated with the
current membership?
(09:29:42 PM) fugolini: spevack: I added all the people
(09:29:47 PM) spevack: great
(09:29:52 PM) spevack: ok, meeting schedule then.
(09:29:52 PM) fugolini: both in M-l and in FAS
(09:30:02 PM) stickster: fugolini just answered stickster's question :_)
stickster StillBob
(09:30:16 PM) fugolini: stickster: ok
(09:30:19 PM) fugolini: :)
(09:30:33 PM) fugolini: I think we have to figure out a possible
meeting time that could work for everyone
(09:31:18 PM) ***stickster happy to see fugolini continuing as the FAMSCo chair.
(09:31:22 PM) fugolini: expecially because this time FAmSCo members
are living in the most different time zones
stickster StillBob
(09:31:36 PM) spevack: what is the furthest west and furthest east
time zone we deal with?
(09:31:44 PM) fugolini:
(09:31:45 PM) spevack: susmit is furthest east...
(09:31:48 PM) stickster: fugolini: I'm pretty sure the Board will be
unanimous in its support too :-)
(09:31:53 PM) spevack: is brazil or US east coast further west?
(09:31:58 PM) ke4qqq: I think I am the first west
(09:31:58 PM) ajax: dang, seems you can't go straight from f7+ to f11
(09:32:01 PM) ke4qqq: furthest
stickster StillBob
(09:32:12 PM) spevack: ajax: it's worth a try though :)
(09:32:14 PM) fugolini: stickster: thank you, so
(09:32:15 PM) dgilmore: spevack: brasil is further east
(09:32:16 PM) spevack: ajax: blame seth
(09:32:39 PM) stickster: fugolini: It's nice to see the new FAMSCo
sees all the hard work you helped lead previously
(09:32:54 PM) spevack: ok, so the spread is 9 hours
(09:33:11 PM) fugolini: a big leap
(09:33:22 PM) spevack: well, i guess fugolini wants to use the little
table matrix to try to sort this out?
(09:33:39 PM) fugolini: yep
(09:34:07 PM) fugolini: if everyone agree
(09:34:37 PM) spevack:  sure, people just need to fill it in by
wednesday so we can figure out a meeting time to start next week.
(09:34:41 PM) fugolini: I think it's important to have all of you, not
because there are hard discussion, but it's the only place to share
(09:34:49 PM) fugolini: *simultaniously
(09:35:07 PM) spevack:
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:35:14 PM) spevack: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ use this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(09:35:25 PM) fugolini: spevack: absolutely !
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:36:50 PM) fugolini: so another important point spevack pointed was
how many times we will meet: weekly, monthly ....
(09:36:53 PM) fugolini: ?
(09:37:10 PM) fugolini: I think it will help to have a better idea on
the calendar too.
(09:37:11 PM) MrTom: !
(09:37:13 PM) fugolini: MrTom:
(09:37:39 PM) spevack: fugolini: may i share my thoughts?
(09:37:41 PM) MrTom: well as lots of meeting were canceled last year
(one out of two approximately)
(09:37:56 PM) MrTom: I thinkg we should continue to have a weekly pace meeting
(09:37:58 PM) fugolini: spevack: yes, it's a pleasure to hear you
(09:38:00 PM) MrTom: eof
(09:38:16 PM) fugolini: MrTom: thanks
(09:38:33 PM) spevack: I think we should have weekly meetings for the
time being, and try to focus each week on one of the specific tasks
that we are working on -- one or two -- instead of all of them.
depending on what is most important.
(09:39:01 PM) spevack: but with new energy
(09:39:04 PM) spevack: and some new people
(09:39:06 PM) spevack: and new priorities
(09:39:12 PM) fugolini: good point, it's an interesting perspective
(09:39:18 PM) spevack: i think we will have enough to fill the time.
(09:39:20 PM) spevack: it was embarassing to me that famsco meetings
were cancelled last year
(09:39:24 PM) spevack: i want us to do better this year
(09:39:36 PM) fugolini: sure
(09:39:41 PM) spevack: EOF
(09:40:14 PM) fugolini: Any other proposal?
(09:40:21 PM) fugolini: if not we move to vote:
mbonnet mbonnet_ McGiwer mdomsch mizmo mmcgrath MrTom m_stone mxcarron
(09:40:54 PM) fugolini: 1) MrTom proposal: weekly meeting
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:41:16 PM) kital: +1
(09:41:23 PM) spevack: i think it is another landslide :)
(09:41:24 PM) fugolini: +1
(09:41:26 PM) spevack: +1 obv
(09:41:30 PM) ke4qqq: +1
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:41:34 PM) susmit: +1
Sparks spevack spoleeba spot spstarr_work
(09:41:40 PM) fugolini: MrTom/spevack proposal
(09:41:53 PM) spevack: so eveyrone will update the meeting matrix by
wednesday, and then we'll get to work
Kick_ killefiz kital
(09:43:11 PM) spevack: anything else for tonight, fugolini?
(09:43:23 PM) fugolini: just a last thing, FAmSCo Chair has to
nominate a vice-chair, I'm opening to suggestion, BTW, I think kital
has done a great job and it could be a really helpful hand
(09:43:43 PM) cferthorney [n=dthorne 87-194-209-26 bethere co uk]
entered the room.
(09:44:40 PM) fugolini: suggestions?
(09:45:12 PM) ***ke4qqq thinks kital is a great choice
(09:45:12 PM) spevack: +1
(09:45:13 PM) rdieter is now known as rdieter_away
(09:45:16 PM) rdieter [n=rdieter pcp088903pcs unl edu] entered the room.
(09:45:55 PM) spevack: fugolini: kital is just the guy to take over if
some angry ubuntu ambassadors attacks you.  :)
(09:46:00 PM) kital: ;)
(09:46:02 PM) fugolini: ehehehe
(09:46:05 PM) ***susmit thinks too
(09:46:10 PM) spevack: actually, kital is the guy i'd want next to me
in a fight.  no one would ever mess with joerg
(09:46:19 PM) MrTom: lol
(09:46:23 PM) spevack: whereas someone could snap me like a twig
(09:46:32 PM) kital: hihi
(09:46:37 PM) fugolini: ehehe
(09:47:04 PM) fugolini: so, kital, i assume you have accepted the nomination
(09:47:13 PM) ***kital is honoured
(09:47:22 PM) kital: yes i will work hard
(09:47:30 PM) spevack: you always do :)
(09:47:35 PM) fugolini: so, I'll do all the announcement before tomorrow
(09:47:39 PM) fugolini: *s
(09:48:00 PM) cferthorney left the room.
(09:48:03 PM) fugolini: nothing new from my side, from your one?
(09:48:24 PM) fugolini: 3
(09:48:25 PM) kital: just a side note
(09:48:29 PM) fugolini: tell us
(09:49:00 PM) kital: today i chatted with nman64 and i joined him as a
Administrator of Ambassador Group
(09:49:10 PM) fugolini: great
(09:49:15 PM) kital: i will automate some FAS Tasks and i hope this will help
(09:49:16 PM) kital: me
(09:49:20 PM) kital: eof
(09:49:46 PM) fugolini: it's a great news.
(09:50:09 PM) spevack: good
(09:50:15 PM) susmit: kital, I shall be happy to help
(09:50:16 PM) spevack: what's up with nman64?
(09:50:19 PM) fugolini: thank you for your  job
(09:50:21 PM) spevack: haven't heard from him in a very long time
(09:50:38 PM) CheekyBoinc left the room (quit: "Use Fedora Linux ->
fedoraproject.org ++ www.cheekyboinc.de ++").
(09:50:47 PM) kital: ;) he is always around and listen
(09:51:05 PM) nman64: spevack: Not active with Fedora, but ever
present and watchful.  ;-)
(09:51:18 PM) spevack: hey man!  happy new year!
(09:51:32 PM) nman64: spevack: Happy New Year!
(09:51:37 PM) spevack: it's just good to see you around patrick
(09:51:43 PM) spevack: so, are we done with our meeting?
(09:51:58 PM) fugolini: == Meeting adjourned ==

Best regards

Francesco Ugolini

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