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Re: [Ambassadors] FAmNA Meetings Revisited

Clint Savage wrote:
2009/1/5 Matt McKenzie <lnxknight gmail com>:
I will add one more request to change it.
When this was discussed earlier I started a thread, and a number of people
replied they would like a different time, but it basically went no-where.

So for this time, how many people do we need before we change it?

At any rate, I am open to any time except Tuesday nights.  Preference:
Wednesday or Thursday nights.
I am in PDT.

As far as frequency, whatever we need to get things done, I don't mind
weekly but perhaps bi-weekly would be better.

Matt M.

So, I've been thinking about this discussion for some time.  I'm
heavily invested in Tuesday evenings and changing from that time/date
would probably cause me to be unable to attend the meetings.  As I am
seeing, most people seem to be okay with Tuesdays, though I think only
having two meetings a month would not be a bad idea.  Also, if we had
one meeting on Tuesday late and and another one some other day and
earler in the day, it might just work.  Who knows.

I want to argue one other thing, and it might sound a little snide,
but it is not intended that way.  My opinion is that while we want
more participation in meetings and the like, changing the date isn't
necessarily going to make that better.  The people who dedicate
themselves to attending a meeting, or reschedule their lives around
the meeting are the ones we want to attend.  They will be ones doing
the work and committing themselves to the opportunities.    We should
at least be willing to recognize that the progress we've made over the
last 6 months has been quite incredible.  What I like about this
accomplishment is that we all committed to doing the work, it didn't
matter when or how, it just got done.  That's what is important.

Just my $.0233333...



Those who really want to make this a priority and have the time to do so will schedule around this to participate, and Clint has done a fabulous job this past year (with the participation of a core of others), which is a testament to their dedication to Fedora. I think many of us in FAmNA can probably rearrange a Tuesday night now and again to participate as we are able.


 - pascal

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