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Re: [Ambassadors] FAmNA Meetings Revisited

2009/1/6 Jason Fenner <axelilly gmail com>:
> I like the time of the meeting but having it on a Monday or a Wednesday
> would be better for me.
> But I like what Clint said, it might be best to leave it where it is and let
> people make arrangements to make it to it if they really desire to.
> --Jason
> --
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Option 1 would be my first choice.
Option 2 would be my second choice but I may not be able to make Thurs
on a frequent basis (depends on schedule intitially, I can probably
make it work after about 1 month or 2 of schedule shuffling)
Option 3 isn't an option for me as weekends I am normally booked. I
would opt for holding "special sessions" on a bi monthly basis on a
weekend for inclusion of non-NA Ambassadors, though I may or may not
be able to attend these, I would only be missing a meeting every 2
months instead of every month.

Just my opinion though, as mentioned if I can attend I will, if not I
will simply read the logs.


Brian Powell

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