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- FYI -

Anyone near the SF area interested to submit a paper? The OpenSource World Call for Papers is open from December 17, 2008 — February 20, 2009.



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Hey all,


I’m curious about the LF desktop linux workgroup as well.  Don, you are not alone!  J


I’m sure you all know that LinuxWorld Expo has changed its name to OpenSource World.  The conference is definitely IT focused (not developer focused), but it is a venue that can be used to show the world what is cool and what is emerging in the desktop / laptop / netbook / mobile internet device space as it relates to Linux and open source.  While I’m not at LF anymore, I am involved with the OSW program committee.  It has not gone unnoticed that attendance at LWE was down in 2008.  There is an effort to really shake up the conference and to add more content, more sessions, and more interesting events.  With the economy the way it is, there will also be an effort to grab more local attention in the SF area.


Anyway, there is a Desktop/Netbook track that this workgroup may be interested in leveraging.  With the emergence of netbooks and mobile internet devices this year, this track should grab a lot of attention.  The LF desktop WG could take advantage of this track to leverage this momentum and to talk about the cool things going on in the desktop and mobile desktop products and markets.  The conference has come to expect updates from a panel of experts in the desktop markets as well as the desktop architects.  J


So, the call for papers has just gone out and the deadline for submission is Feb 20.  I’d love to review paper submissions from this group FIRST, so if anyone on this list has some ideas for submissions, let me know.  If the ideas are not quite right for the conference, I can suggest ways to make them right if you let me know early.


Hope all is well with you.  I’ve included the call for papers below for your consideration.






The 2009 OpenSource World™ Conference & Expo Call for Papers is Now Open!

OpenSource World Conference & Expo is the largest and most comprehensive event that focuses on open source software and all things Linux. An expansion of LinuxWorld Conference & Expo®, OpenSource World brings together IT professionals exploring enterprise open source solutions.

The OpenSource World conference presents the latest Linux and open source ideas in a very technical context by industry experts and innovators. OpenSource World focuses on real-world solutions in real-world environments using open source, open standards and open architecture as part of an integrated IT infrastructure.

Our key theme this year will be how open source software is helping companies do more with less; proposals with this perspective are especially interesting to us.

Be a part of the 2009 OpenSource World Conference by submitting your speaking proposal through our online form.

Proposal Topic Areas:

  • Desktop/Netbook
  • Enterprise Application Infrastructure
  • Deployment and Management
  • Compliance
  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Systems Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Virtualization

If your session doesn’t fit into one of these topic areas you should still propose it, we are always looking for new ideas and great presentations.

The deadline for submission is February 20, 2009. Submit your proposal(s) HERE!

Session Formats:
In addition to standard 1 hour conference sessions, we are looking for 3 hour tutorials that provide attendees with detailed technical information on relevant topics and we are accepting proposals for keynotes.

Guidelines: Focus proposals with the idea of giving attendees the information, tools and the inspiration to accomplish their open source objectives in the enterprise. DO NOT focus your proposals on a commercial product or propose a marketing pitch, but rather open source software and technology.

General Information: For more information on OpenSource World Conference & Expo, please visit: www.opensourceworld.com.

This year’s event will also feature access to CloudWorld™ Conference & Expo, our new event focused on cloud computing. For more information about CloudWorld or to submit a speaking proposal for CloudWorld visit www.cloudworldexpo.com.  

We look forward to your participation in OpenSource World San Francisco 2009!

- The OpenSource World Conference & Expo Management Team


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