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Re: [Ambassadors] important FOSDEM details

Max Spevack wrote:
On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Yaakov Nemoy wrote:

Last year, i felt a bit detached from the CentOS presence even though we did share space. I hope there can be some more mixing of the message being delivered this year.

As long as size permits, I don't mind sharing the devroom. I wouldn't want to share a booth -- we are separate and independent projects.

However, the moment that it becomes possible to fill an entire speaking schedule ourselves is the moment that I'll want to have our own devroom.

We're trying to finalize the speaking schedule for FOSDEM today, and I'm already worried that we might have more volunteers for speaking slots than we have people. We'll see.

I would like to enlist a Configuration Management talk on Cobbler and Puppet, and combine that in a track with Augeas (Raphael Pinson).

Kind regards,


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