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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: FAD in late January or early/mid February?

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009, Clint Savage wrote:

I'm including the Fedora Ambassadors List because at one time we were going to have a FAD along side SCaLE and it can probably still happen. It's a little later than Feb 13 (Feb 20-22) but it's still in Q4. I think Larry Cafiero was interested in making this happen so I wanted to see what the possibilities were of making that happen. One thought is to do it on Feb 20 (the Friday) as there are special sessions going on and not general sessions.

I'm supportive of any group within Fedora (Ambassadors, Engineering, Websites, Infrastructure, Docs, etc. etc.) that wants to put a FAD together.

My ideal-world vision is that different sub-teams or feature teams will take advantage of this model (get a group of people together to intensively focus on a small number of Fedora-related tasks) and the budget that exists to support it.

What do you have in mind in terms of goals/agenda for a FAD at SCALE?


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