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[Ambassadors] Picture book....

Hey Community,

Sorry I did not get back sooner. My friend at
LSI called my cell phone -- I was waiting for
an email. Did not check my messages until today.

The gist of what she said is that we can indeed
do a hard cover full color book, but we would
have to do so using off-set printing.

And she could not give a cost estimate, because
the cost would depend on how much color and the
degree of difficulty for the printer in setting
up the book.
Off-set would probably create a much better
looking book, as far as image quality goes. 
It is the industry standard for printing high
quality books.

But using off-set, each color page would 
require that four separate plates would have 
to be made to produce a color image. Blue, red,
yellow, and black is the way they used to describe
it, but now it is CMYK (short for cyan, magenta, 
yellow, and key (black)  We could, however, use 
a mixture of b&w and color pages. Then we would pay 
less for the b&w pages that don't have color on them.

Still, since we are not driven to make a
huge profit off of each book, we could adjust
the book price to allow for the additional
printing costs.

-- w Douglas Berry --
slasherzee fedoraproject org


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