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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora UK Community Website

Am Freitag, 16. Januar 2009 13:48:07 schrieb Mathieu Bridon (bochecha):
> > And "could not be published at fpo" that say┬┤s it all.
> No, that doesn't say anything at all.
> As Christoph said, the fp.o is hosted in the US, that says much more.
> For example, libdvdcss is _not_ illegal anymore in France. This means that
> we can read encrypted DVDs in France and explain how to do that.
> Is libdvdcss legal in the US ? I guess not. This means that no howto can
> be published on fp.o on this topic.
> But french Fedora users are _allowed_ to know how to do this.
> What's the only solution in this case ? Yes, publishing a howto on a local
> community site.

i have considered this facts in 

But once again my question, should a new native english speaking Ambassador 
put his effort in just another fedoraforum.org?

Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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