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Re: [Ambassadors] fedora on school computers

2009/1/16 Samuel Teyemensah <tymensk yahoo com>:
> hi, everybody. I have been working on getting fedora installed on some of
> the computers in school where I am undergoing my internship. however, the
> problem is that school is running a windows based system and I am having
> problem connecting the new fedora computers to this network. can some take
> me through the steps of connecting a fedora machine to a windows base
> network. the NIC was successfully recognised by fedora.
> tymensk, ghana
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What do you want  to do exactly??

- Internet sharing
- printer sharing
- file sharing
- firewalling

First of all you must be sure that the Fedora computers are on same
network/subnetwork of the other computers.Have you already done this
If so did you succeed in pinging any Windows computer on the network???


Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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