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Re: [Ambassadors] Promoting Fedora in the Boston Area Inquiry

2009/1/16 Mark McLaughlin <linuxglobe gmail com>:
> Hello, what can I do to promote Fedora in the Boston area beyond mentioning
> it in a Linux Users Group, free advertising is GREAT but what avenue is
> there?
> Markus McLaughlin
> linuxglobe.wordpress.com
> Hudson, MA, USA

I'm not from Boston, I can suggest you to organize a Fedora Release
Party (F11 is the first available release), it mix both the knowledge
side with the party one: people could be attracted by this way and
people could associate Fedora as a alternative/cool way of thinking
Linux and, generally, Open Source.

Another interesting activity could be organize some session with
Boston developers and ask them to work on a specific side of Fedora
(it will rise Fedora visibility among linux developers community and
will get a support to the development process).

That's my humble POV.


Francesco Ugolini

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