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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora takes care about the planet? FZC Proyect

> > Promote the use of the Live USB Creator. How well would you do if instead of
> > burning the CD / DVD,  use the Live USB Creator using your own memory stick?
> > Think about this: every 6 months with each release hundreds of discs become
> > obsolete. The USB is a way certainly more rational environmentally speaking.
> This is something I raised for discussion at the recent FUDcon in
> Boston and that I completely support. I think we should work toward
> the goal of reducing the volume of CDs and DVDs we distribute each
> release for the reasons you have expressed. While we aren't likely to
> be able to reduce them to zero, I think we can certainly start tipping
> the balance toward more USB sticks and fewer CDs and DVDs.

Well, I also totally agree. In fact, when we organized our French
Release Party for F10, we based ourselves on the work that Luca Foppiano
and the other Italian Ambassadors had done for a previous RP they had.

We created a nice Live USB Creation Station and we asked people to bring
their USB keys with them when we communicated about the event.

This has been a great success. Of course, we gave some CDs away, but we
(Carlos specifically) created lots and lots of Live USB sticks (even a
Mandriva one that got Fedora on it :).

We'll hopefully do it again next time, and I hope we can this way reduce
the number of CDs we create.

Carlos, do you have even an approximate number of how many you created
during those 2 days ?

> > What features are in Fedora that promote energy savings? Personally I think
> > that Fedora should come with default saving policies stricter starting
> > turning off the monitor instead of darkening the screen.
> This is interesting too. An aggressive CPU scaling default probably
> wouldn't even be noticed by most users.

This was a feature for Fedora 8 IIRC (somewhere between F7 and F9): use
Powertop a lot to identify unbehaviouring apps and reduce power

Of course, we must go on. A side benefit of it is that users will see
their batteries last more before they have to charge it again.

> > What features could be included in Fedora that promote saving and efficiency
> > of the system?
> >
> > Planting trees at least 3 for each server 24 / 7 that we have. (Thanks to
> > Fedora Brazil)
> A campaign to involve the Fedora community in something like this is
> also something I strongly support, regardless of connecting the effort
> with some measure of our hardware. It would be very cool to have a map
> of trees planted around the world by the Fedora community on the wiki
> showing we care about our world and work together in different ways to
> make things a little bit better for us all.

That would be great just next to an Ambassadors map and a Packagers map
and a ......

If only the dev of Shomyu [1] was not so lazy and actually worked on it

[1] http://fedorahosted.org/shomyu


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)
French Fedora Ambassador

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Benjamin Franklin

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