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[Ambassadors] Re: Fedora takes care about the planet? FZC Proyect

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 09:41:34AM -0500, Diego Escobar wrote:

>    - In development policies Fedora how we save? Reuse of software
>    components is a very common practice. Can we measure it? Can we save more?

This is interesting.  I wonder if we can make a reasonable guess at
how many watts of power it takes to write X lines of code.  This makes
it possible to give an estimate on how much energy (money, for those
who prefer to think that way) is saved by reusing software
v. reinventing.

>    - Promote the use of the Live USB Creator. How well would you do if
>    instead of burning the CD / DVD,  use the Live USB Creator using your own
>    memory stick? Think about this: every 6 months with each release hundreds of
>    discs become obsolete. The USB is a way certainly more rational
>    environmentally speaking.

We Ambassadors had a long discussion on this very topic last weekend
at FUDCon.  Currently, we cannot abandon the CD/DVD, but we can move
toward prefering USB.

* People get something useful to keep even if they don't want to keep
  the live distro.

* It lasts for years instead of six months.

* It can be reused for the next release, the one after that, etc.

* A Fedora-branded USB gives people a good impression of Fedora
  everytime they see or use it.

The cost of USB media in bulk with a logo is rapidly approaching the
cost per CD/DVD.

>    - What features are in Fedora that promote energy savings? Personally I
>    think that Fedora should come with default saving policies stricter starting
>    turning off the monitor instead of darkening the screen.

If this is a matter of setting defaults, you could propose a Feature
for that.

For something like that, it is going to take a person such as you who
is passionate about making it happen.  Just asking folks on
fedora-devel-list isn't going to make it happen.

>    - What features could be included in Fedora that promote saving and
>    efficiency of the system?
>    - Planting trees at least 3 for each server 24 / 7 that we have. (Thanks
>    to Fedora Brazil)

Yeah, that could make an interesting way for Ambassadors to promote
Fedora.  In the US we have 'Arbor Day', which is a day where people
across the country plant a tree.  We could do installfests on that
day, talking about how many trees are saved when Fedora is used, and
also plant trees as a group. :)

> So, what do think? Fedora takes care about the planet?

Why only concern is that it is very popular to be 'green' these days.
I don't want to just be jumping on the bandwagon, a phrase that means
here, "Joining in with everyone else because it is the popular thing
to do."

That said, it is simple responsibility on our part to tell our users
and the world the costs and benefits to the environment of using
Fedora (and other Linuxes.)
- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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