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Re: [Ambassadors] LinuxTag 2009 speaking opportunities

Max Spevack wrote:
If you already know that you will attend LinuxTag 2009 and would like to give a talk, please do the right thing on this page.

It should be self-explanatory. We are looking for talks on a variety of subjects and a variety of levels of technical depth. You may sign up to give your talk in either English or German.


To clarify a little, what a Configuration Management track would be about, I had the following in mind:

- introduction (.5 talk)
- cobbler/koan (1 talk)
- puppet/augeas (1 talk)
- func/symbolic (1 talk)
- QA (.5 talk)               +
All talks: 4 hours

bearing in mind it should be a consistent set of talks, emphasizing why/how to use these technologies, what is so cool about them, etc.

Any comments/ideas?

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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