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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora EMEA e.V. 2008 financial report

Hi Robert,

I am glad that this report was pretty satisfactory to you. As I said in December during that previous discussion, producing this report was one of the things that was on our agenda for this weekend in January. We just needed a little bit of time to get it all put together.

I don't know, how the hotel at LinuxTag was paid, but if it was handled by our NPO and not directly by Red Hat, we're lacking that - at least "Events" seems to be very cheap to me then.

It was handled directly by the Community Architecture budget, not by the e.V. Only some of the Community Architecture budget that is meant for EMEA is transferred to the e.V. -- not all of it.

When seeing the credits of membership fees, I'm a bit confused: I think, we have more than 10 members, but the total income of the NPO is below. There are surely a few ones which get the reduced membership fee (e.g. by being a student or similar), but anyway I think, one or another still has forgotten to pay the yearly membership fee for 2008. So, Max will maybe agree with my assumption, but this must not exposed into public!

A reminder was sent privately to everyone who still needs to pay their 2008 membership fees. I am confident that they will all get paid soon.

Thanks for your comments,

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