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[Ambassadors] Re: Fedora 'ambassadors-kit'

Am Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009 23:57:47 schrieb Bert Desmet:
> Hi Joerg,
> I have heard in the #fedora-ambassadors channel on irc that there are
> ambassadorKit's.
> But the wiki about it says that it's only a proposel until now?

Hi Bert, 

i post this in Ambassadors ML too, this is an important Topic!
there are several started Projects, Kit´s, Boxes etc ...


Draft Ambassador Kit North America

FedoraKit Italia - one time? Project sponsored by bytecode

I would love to see the "AmbassadorKit" also as a mindset of ideas and best 
practices for organizing events and getting ressources ... what do you think 
about this?

Regards Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon fedoraproject org
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